I never got the TSN=toronto sports network until today


these picks are so truly baffling and it is amazing how 3 of the 5 pannelists have toronto winning the east despite no clear starting QB or stellar running back. Majority picking winnipeg makes sense, majority picking montreal makes sense majority picking toronto only makes for ratings

How does Montreal make sense?

It makes more sense to pick Hamilton then Montreal. lol.

The reason people pick TO is because they have a top notch Defence, Defence wins Championships, yes their QB position will be fun to watch but in the end of the year the standings will LIKELY look like:

Winnipeg - 12 to 14 wins (say 13)Win East final, Win GC
TO - 9 to 11 wins (say 10)
Hamilton 7 to 11 wins(say 8) win East Semi
Montreal 5 to 7 wins (Say 5)

the Argos D will show enough to get them through the rough start of the season, but are going to lose to many games to Winnipeg, the west and also the Hamilton Series.

Remember Montreal is in trouble coaches wise, also have a suspect team, although the talent should be there.
Also the aging Core of the team. Cahoon, Calvillo, (Both like 35 this year)
Charboneaux - 34 this year
Truluck, Chui, Sanchez, Edwards and Mudge all 33 this year.

Was much older before the retiring of a few guys + Okeke getting released.

Should be noted the Argos are also fairly old.

The blue have a few older guys, but Milt is a freak of Nature + Greene is coming at a discount + St.G may not be around by game 4.

Yes Vets are vital, but to have your Core like MTL does so.. "well aged" really risky if they break-down. if Cahoon breaks down haha that will be funny.

Suspect team?!? they were at the grey cup last year. And say what you want about Calvillo and Cahoon being older at least they arent at the age where their kids have kids of their own.

Calvillo Threw for just under 5000 yards last year which if you werent keeping track was second only to ricky ray who threw for exactly 500. Cahoon doesnt break down he is in extrmeely good shape and is very unlikely to get injured.

Defence wins championships but you dont win squat in the CFL without a star QB. Defence can only win you a championship if your QB can make drives that score points.

Every year there is this “demise of the als” for one reason or another Ive seen this predicted for the last 4-5 years now. If Calvillo is old then what is allen? A 50 year old robert edwards is better than who the argos have running the ball now.

The argos offensive line is very questionable with only 2 returning players. The “aging” brian chiu has been a cfl and east division all star for the past 7 consecutive years, Scott Flory has bee nthe top Olineman in the east for 3 of the past 4 years, and all the other offensive line starters have been all stars at some point in the recent past as well and have all been here since last year.

Charboneau hasnt played a single down and is on the disabled list for a mysterious itching that doctors cant identify so I dont see how he is considered part of the “core” of the alouettes.

Montreal is in no trouble coaches wise as you put it popp is delegating the majority of the coaching ot his assisstants and he has coached in the past and he was able to coach them to the grey cup somehow.

Actually they are that age.

have kids at 18
their kids have kids at 18

Age = 36, that requires of course to have kids young in the first place though.

Coach em to the grey cup?
It seems most that was done by Don Matthews.

The team on the field was decided by him?(who made the team)
Implementing the system.

the Don Factor is a rather large factor.
And I was at that Grey cup game, Montreal wasn't impressive at all.

Phillions gone(he isn't important just a CFL all-star last year and a dirty dirty player)

Montreal has an impressive amount of Receivers left, but thin on the OL in comparison(7 on Roster + 1 Injured)(like 11 WR between the roster, DR and IR)

Matthews stepped down October 4th 2006, leaving 3 games on the schedual.

In the end under Coach Popp Montreal went 3-3

1-1 vs. Sask
2-0 vs. TO(1 playoff)
0-1 vs. BCL(playoff)
0-1 vs. Edmonton

I know that shows he's a great coach right?

Who is the other OL that has been a CFL all-star?
There are 5 OL Starters.
Lambert is 2 seasons removed from being an all-star
Mudge is 4 seasons removed

Going the all-star route the ALs have lost 2 former All-stars(including 1 who was a 2006 all-star)

ya ya ya, montreal will forever be a powerhouse correct?

I don't beleive in them.

I beleive WPG will take over and everyone will follow suit putting MTL in the lower half for the first time since 2001.

The Argos OL was very suspect, I do beleive Morley changed that atleast ever so slightly, Before McMahon showing he can play in the CFL and TO signing Morley things were different, now TO is showing more to be 2nd or 4rd, Montreal to be 3rd or 4th.

Hamilton 2nd or 3rd.

so basicly MTL makes the playoffs if TO falls apart(very possible, but Pinballs a better coach)

Charlie Taffe Better coach
Doug Berry Better Coach

Last year everyone said Wpg and Ham would finish first and second and Mtl would be 3rd or 4th.

Not exactly how the year finished is it?

Montreal cant and wont fishing on top forever, but each and every year people claim this is the year they end their streek and keep looking for a reason for it.

Maybe this will be the year but if it is....It wont be because of Popp

Because all good mormons have kids at 18 right? your assumption that htey are old enough to be grandparents is working on the assumption that they come from very underprivileged lives which they dont. Calvillo and Cahoon COULD be grandparents but Allen IS a grandparent.

Even if it is 4 of the 5 that have recently been all stars that is still more impressive than what the argos have. Morely hasnt proven anything in the cfl. McMahon can play in the cfl its a shame the argos have no intention of playing him. They seem very happy to go with an Allen/Bishop tandem in the backfield.

The team last year was made by Popp. He was the one that filled all the holes the team had in the off season he found all the talent and is an excellent judge of talent so deciding who plays and who doesnt isnt much of a stretch. He has coached quite a bit in college ranks and football isnt something you forget.

The las might not have been overly impressive at the great cup which is debatable in and of itself they still performed better than all the teams that didnt make it to the game at all.

Don Matthews had the team in a tailspin last year and popp leveled them out and got them back in the hunt for the division title and got them to the grey cup.

The als wont be great forever more but as long as they got calvillo they have to be considered a serious threat

I can understand people saying, "This year someone else will take the division," or "The Als aren't as dangerous as they once were." What I can't understand is the 'omg teh als SUXXXX! lol" attitude EVERY single goddamn year. If you believed fans, every year we field teams composed of borderline-retarded drunken trolls, yet every year we manage to succeed beyond what anyone expects. So those retarded drunken trolls are better than you think.

I think the streak does end, but just barely. It will be fight down to the wire, but I believe the Bombers finish first and Montreal 2nd. Both the Argos and Cats are 3-4 and maybe both those teams end up missing the playoffs with the 4th place team in the West crossing over.

IMO when the dust settles Montreal and Toronto will be 1 - 2, take your pick, Winnipeg 3rd and Hamilton a more respectable fourth.
Injuries can throw things off a bit, don't like Montreal's chances without Cavillo or Winnipeg's without Glenn's. I think Toronto can win this year with any one of three QB's beside their defense.

Out west its got to be BC and Calgary fighting for top spot and Edmonton, Saskatchewan dueling for third. And as Scott Young used to say (of his perdictions) in the Globe and Mail.
977 right 0 wrong. :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: Dream on Sambo. The labour day battle will be between two third place teams. :twisted:

I agree. Things are going to look very much like they did last year.
I think Popp will do very well as the Als' head coach (last year's division final convinced me of that). The way some people are talking about him being a weakness, you would think that he's never even seen a football game. I know the man personaly and trust me, he brings a lot of knowledge to the table.

I agree DoubleBlue-- Hamilton and Toronto will be tied for 3rd come Labour Day. :twisted: :twisted: :cowboy:

This is worth posting again