I need some help....

Hey Ticat fans. My name is Tom and I have an 11 year old who is doing a project at school about our mascot TC. He has most of the biasic information but we were wondering if anyone knows the exact year that he was introduced or the first year that he appeared at a Ticats game. Any other info would be helpful as well.



I'd Call the Ticats and ask

Wasn't it in 1984 during a Ticat-Argos game?

For some reason, I don't think it was the Labour Day game (due to crowd size) but it was in the summer. Also, I remember the crowd reaction to the name and, to my recollection, it wasn't great (I was sitting behind the Argo bench).

Has it been that long???

Perhaps your son or daughter can do some investigative work and figure out what happened to TC's spirit.

A bunch of years ago he was a pretty rowdy mascot, skidding around on a ATV, body-slamming an Argo dummy in a noose, and generally providing an occasional bit of humour or goofiness between plays.

One afternoon there was an on-field incident, TC was banished from the field for a while and, since then, he's been the mopey, sad-looking, neutered animal you see today.

In there somewhere is probably a pretty good tale for an 11-year-old about having your youthful spirit crushed in the heavy jaws of authority.

The Tiger-Cats mascot, T.C., was introduced during halftime of the third home game of the 1984 season on August 12, against the Toronto Argonauts.

Section8.....you are so right.
Dragging that Argo dumby around and his elbow drops on it were the highlights of some real boring games back then.
TC had his swagger back then, even peeved off some of the visiting players.
TC lost his MOJO.

He lost that when he got married.

Mrs T.C. came along and then....

Whatever happened to Mrs. T.C.?? She of the blush and lipstick on a Tiger suit. Boy, that was a tough year.

Glad she left him for another Tiger.

TC has been reduced to a washed up has been that is grasping to hold on to a once storied past.

Kind of like Damon Allen

Hey Pope, any stats that say how much longer it's going to be before we win a GC again?

I think what happened to TC's spirit was all this politically correct crap that's happened. The "we're all friends" attitude of the CFL. Nothing better than watching TC drive over the Blue team dummy with his ATV....Memories.

LMAO BoxDRow6...thanks I needed that laugh.