I need help please

Being as technologically challenged as I seem to be, is there a guide where I can look for answers to my basic questions? As much as I prefer humans to algorithms, I don’t want to bother anybody with the embarrassingly simple
problems I keep repeating.

This sounds like a job for super @sully

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…sorry Paul but there’s no guide or user manual for the site, but there’s also no problem asking questions either! I’d be happy to help answer them and if it’s something over my head @sully is the expert in the room..

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Removing likes - sometimes you like a post by mistake or like the wrong post as you scroll, and then you go to remove it.

For some reason now, I can't unlike a post any more.

Anybody else? What gives here anybody?

If it's just on my end and not a site glitch, do I send in a trouble ticket?

There's a 10 minute window to unlike a post, after 10 minutes it's permanent. I made that mistake myself using likes in the place of bookmarks after running out of bookmarks. :rofl: Now I like a bunch of posts that I don't really like but merely meant to come back to later. (Kevin's old movie reviews)

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Oh , so that would explain why I have so many likes . :rofl:

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I am having problems with the sign out procedure on my iPad. When I tap on the letter icon, it does not go to the options list, unless I have first closed the page, then reopened it. I also no longer get the list of replies and likes.

I have tried shutting down and resetting but the problem continues. Suggestions?

Yea the notifications popup list broke a few days ago for me too.

@K-Max see Palmer two spots up…

I don’t know who did what, but my pop-up option list is back, and working well. Thanks!

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Yup. Here too. :slight_smile:

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@RedandWhite - Looks like everything resolved itself? (Sorry for the delay)