I Need Help, Please

Hi, all. Ok here's the deal, I am leaving for a fishing trip on monday and will be missing both games, I have been to every game this year and even my wife is going without me and it sucks because I hate missing games, and have seen every game live as it happens without missing any for the past 3 years. So I have asked both my Mom and wife to record it for me so I can watch both games as soon as I get home, but they do not know how to work a VCR??????
Is there any die hard fans like myself who can tape the game for me and I will pay you for the tapes and give you a case of beer. If anyone is interested in helping out this crazed fan I would be so gratefull.

If anyone out there is interested in helping me out, e mail me at bigpoppa_52@hotmail.com or message me on here and we could work out some arrangements.

Thanks so much


If you don't get a response from your email just PM me when you get back, I'll have a copy.

Keep the beer, depending on the outcome of the game you may need it. :wink:

Why don't you just program your VCR yourself? That way they don't need to do jack and you'll still get to watch the games.

I didnt think people still had VCR's. lol. sorry iwillsackyou

I'll have it on DVD if you want.

and you also have thie option of cfl broadband here:

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