I Need Advice

I am comming up from the states to see the Vanier Cup, and staying over in Hamilton on Sat and Sun night. I want to know where is a good bar--place to eat that will show the Grey Cup on Sun night. I would like to go to a place where I can have something to eat and a few brews and watch the game with some Ti-cat fans. Any suggestions, Thanks in advance.

The End Zone or Rankin's are both good place.

There is Tailgate Chariles too on John street and The Attic Pizza on 89 King Street East, Stoney Creek,.

The problem with places like the End Zone & Tailgate Chariles is they'll usually show the NFL games over the CFL games. I've been to End Zone a few times and its been a tough getting them to get one of their many TV's switched to a CFL game.

But the Attic is a small place and its very "pro" CFL. And they'll be sure to have the Grey Cup game on the main screen. Plus the place has great pizza, great service and a great atomsphere.

I too would choose the Attic in Stoney Creek.Since you are coming from Ohio,remember to vote(Obama) for favourite candidate(Obama).Vote early and vote often! Did I mention Obama? :wink:
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The End Zone

hey ohio guy, why not try philthy mcnasty's on the mountain-upperjames street.

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Endzone is the best place to go.....the grey cup game will be on the big screen ,last year endzone had a buffet for the game for free ,im not sure if thats the case again this year, but i assure it will be on the big screen

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You've got to go to Rankins They have the best Western Sandwich You'll ever have. It's a great place.

Hooters on Hamilton Mountain... Good food and Great Scenery

by the way Say hello The Simpson's for Me :thup: :slight_smile: