I need a CFL team to root for

i need a team. I am on here enough, so i have decided that i need somebody to root for. any suggestions???

curious sooner..........why do you wanna waste your time with our little game up here..........

hey cheer for Edmonton!

Winnipeg Blue Bombers, we have lots of fans down south and were named after beer. CHEERS!

you should go with the Esks because they are the most professionally ran team in the leage and have not missed the play offs in 35 years

[hurl] esksfans.com[/hurl]

Your not the only one who is with a team I got none so far.

Bombers! all the way!

I dont have a favourite. I like the whole league (okay, except for 2 or), plus I'm waiting for a hopeful expansion team in Halifax who will become my favourite.

Riders! The Riders have arguably the largest fan base coast-to-coast. Perhaps this is because you can take the people out of Saskatchewan but you can't take Saskatchewan (Riders) out of the people. The Riders have a loyal ( if not rabid) fan base. We love our team. We fight and complain about them bitterly, but let someone else take a shot at them and we quickly circle the wagons and stand together. We are probably the best draw for other teams on a regular basis. Other stadiums will have a significant green tint when the Riders come to town. We welcome all fans!

Okay, I've made a pitch for the Riders, fans of other teams join in and sell your team (other Riders fans help me out here)

Two Grey Cups in the last three years, a rising young star at QB, thirty four consecutive years in the playoffs, what else could you ask for? Gotta go with Edmonton .

Go Esks :smiley:

The Riders are a good choice, you wont have to change much from being an Ottawa fan. Sask is next year country , we are currently in revival 17 from the Grey Cup year of 89. It might sound very familiar but that what being a Rider fan is all about.

better question, which team has the hottest fans(girls that is).

Soonerboob cheer for anyone but the Stamps we are fussy about who cheers for our team.

soonerboob? ok redweiner. lol

Mama do not let your baby girls grow up to be sooner fans!

.........you may only cheer for redweiner's and my team if:

a) you think our cheerleaders are hot (they are),
b) you think a rivalry with a same province city is great (think BoSox/Yankee type hatred here), and
c) you like beef & beer pregame al a tailgate

.........ouch, '05, that hurt my eyes........

Well I think that is the measuring stick for the women he is looking for. In that case he should cheer for the Eskies! And by the way that fan could force a tornado to detour!

lol redwhite2005 nice pic. Did you find that pic from a game in saskacewan?

That picture is a Sooner Fan!

ROFL :lol: