I must be one of the few

I was loosing all faith in the Ti-Cats and my patience was wearing very thin. That was until the second quarter last night.

The team started playing as a team and put in more effort than I have seen in at least a year. Yes there were a lot of breakdowns and very stupid and unnecessary penalties. But for me the effort trumps all that.

I'm encouraged. Am I the only one?

No Your not Shooter..

Yeah, with all this talk of the team needing to gel, you could actually see it happenng as the game went on.

The mistakes made were fewer as the game went on.

I am in complete agreement with the author of this thread. Be patient a lot of things appear to be coming together now. It is too bad that they play BC next and on a short week at that.Remember that in the CFL six or seven wins can get you into the playoffs. Keep the faith-dont become like LEAF fans!!!

I saw exactly the same thing. There confidence was growing with each minute.
If the defence had held Cahoon in check we might have had a chance. You cannot let a guy have 8 catches in the first half.

We can always hope that B.C.s quarterbacks are injured enough to even things out.

Ditto, JL. I actually said "this is going to be a long night" after their TD on the opening drive, but as the game went on we actually looked like a team and they gave me renewed hope. Our defense was outstanding, especially against the run. The offence looked quite good as the game went on too.

I think the team showed real positive improvement last night. Of course there were mistakes, and costly ones. But, penalties are something that can be corrected with good coaching and personal discipline.

Last night would have been a completely different story if we'd made even one of those dropped INTs or not got the offside on the kickoff fumble recovery.

Maas played well, not great, but he moved the ball and kept the defence off the field. That's a world of difference from the previous two games. Chang came out on fire, but fell apart when it counted. I don't blame him, but with continued practice and more experience as a team, we'll be fine.

Next week we could really surprise B.C. Top teams are always the ones liable to get toppled by underdogs.

The thing that beat hamilton was penalties. When Charlie was coaching the Als, they were the least penalized team in the league, so look for penalties to go down considerably.
Experience also played a role last night. And tht brings up another thing. The TiCats will likely have a losing year, but they are a team with a plan and are on the rise.
The Als, on the other hand, are a team in decline.

I have to ask.... does anyone else think the reason we looked OK last night was because we were playing another terrible team?

Im sorry but i dont take all of the positives out of a game where an 0-2 team tried to hand it to us and we refused to take it.

I'm more in agreement with Crash on this. 2 teams were fighting it out for 3rd place..we are yet again in the basement. Yes there was some improvement but shouldn'tall teams be improving and Jelling every game?
As we improve our competitors improve, so I'm not sure why peope are high 5ving and being complimentary?

Net, net we are the now 0 - 3 and will be playing BC / Wpg / Wpg in over the next 3 weeks we could be 0-6 fairly quickly looking and knowing what those 2 team are like.


No offence Crash, but positive thread going here. Negative comments belong in negative threads.

Not a negative comment at all, im simply asking a question. Didnt insult any players, coaches, decisions… nothing. Im being just as patient as everyone else, in fact ive been patient for about 8 years now.

Its a legit question, did we play better or did we play the same but against a bad team?

I think the disparity in skill level is a lot less then people really understand.

Our team is young and inexperience. But, they're gaining experience playing together with each week. I'd assume that our progress as a team far outstrips that of other teams.

Why are we scared of B.C./Wpg/Wpg? Big deal, it's not like these teams are unbeatable. Our defence could be one of the best in the league given more time. The offense simply lacks consistency. When we start putting long drives together and keeping the D fresh, we'll be fine.

I wouldn't be surprised to see us come out with 2 wins in the next 3 games. B.C. has looked suspiciously average so far and it's not like Winnipeg are world beaters or anything. We've just got to stay focused and positive.

3 games does not make a season.

We absolutly played better last night.Dpn't forget who was missing.When our secondary is whole again,I expect an even bigger improvement on D.Sure would be nice if McCants turned out to be legit.

While I will agree with Crash, that the opponents we had last night may have made a difference, you can't take away the fact that the team did look, better particularly on offence.

Regardless of who we played, this team showed last night that they are improving. We still have a way to go, but I don't think you can dispute that we are headed in the right direction. We also saw a few players step up and make some plays which will make it a little easier to start settling in on a consistant starting roster.

While we did lose, we were in this one, and had a few plays gone differently we could have quite easily have won. It's easy to say that we were at home against possibly the 2nd worst team in the league, but a win is a win for this team, and they will be hard to come by early on.

As I have posted previously, this team will start to really show how good they are after Labour Day. Until then, all we can hope is they continue to learn and improve.


I agree completely. Continued improvement right to the year's end and we've got a shot at the last playoff spot in the East.

Besides, come week twelve we all know that Montreal will go in the tank like every year.

One of the things that hasn't been mentioned yet is getting the big no-TD monkey off our back. The team proved to itself that it can score. That is a HUGE confidence booster.

Yes, the team played better but do you really think they have the potential to continue to improve or will they flatten out? How many of these guys do you think will be here 3 years from now? I count maybe 6 or 7 only (Setta, Lumsden, Moreno, McKay-Loescher, Chang, Hage, Cody) which means the rest are just 'guys'. Take a guy out, plug a guy in--makes no real difference. I don't see a single receiver on this team who couldn't be replaced. Same with almost all of the linemen and DBs. The Cats have just 5 or 6 players who have the potential to be here 3 years from now and that's not enough. Sure this group of players will get better but my guess is that they'll hit a plateau before too long.

An Argo-Cat fan

What's that based on? 3 games?

Young teams take time to come together. How many guys on the Argos will be there in 3 years? Not many. How about the Als? Same answer.

I'm sure there will be arrivals and departures, but it's a process not magic. Who was Andrew Grigg before he broke out? What about Troy Davis or Joe Montford? Danny Mac was a backup and a third string NFL cut from the league's worst team.

Tom Brady was a sixth round pick. A lot more time is needed to accuratly gauge the talent level of the team.

I whole heartedly agree that we played well last night and showed improvement. Granted Montreal's offence isnt 100%, but their defense sure was and the cats performed admirably all the same. The O-line stepped up big time, especially Dyakowski (sp)and Hage. The recievers were decent, mainly Ralp and Talman. Curry is open but i think his short stature and the pressure drew Maas' eyes elsewhere. The defense played well despite a few breakdowns in coverage. The run is none existant against our d-line and the lbs are everywhere. Special teams under Setta are great, and the coverage is vastly improved. Penalties killed us but those will go away. There was a span of about 4 series with no penalties, everyone seems to remember the few that actually took place. Jake Ireland killed us by not calling some penalties (see hold on Dunbrck during Imoh TD pass). I'm pleased to see improvement. As long s the games are actually entertaining, i dont care if we lose. Winning would be friggen awesome tho. anyways thats my 2 cents.