I missed the whole game....Ah Well

I was at a family reunion out in Cayuga so I didn't get to watch the game but from the sound of it on 900CHML I'm kinda glad I did miss it.

Could some one fill me in on how we did :roll: LOL

Would rather hear about your family reunion.

Probably was more exciting.

LOL a bunch of us were throwing the football around that good enough? :lol:

8) Yep !! That would have been much more entertaining than going to this so called football game !!!!!

it was pretty bad

somehow the ''wave'' got started and it must have went all the way around the stadium like 6 or more times because the fans were entertaining themselves since the football game wasnt

yeah you missed a thriller.

Ouch... thats only supposed to happen in baseball :lol:

Yea, I almost missed it. Luckily i set my VCR. And Then i fast forwarded through all the commercials.