Hey all. That's right, I missed the whole thing, and now I need to find a third jersey. My wife and I are relocating to Chicago for work reasons, but I will be keeping season's tix, and I have a whole TC memory bank: All the mini-helmets, a full-size helmet from the last locker room sale, a white game worn Archie jersey and a black Labour Day jersey from the last Tabbie to play at Notre Dame. Now I need one of the gold jerseys. If ANYONE is interested in parting with one, please contact me and we can talk...I am willing to pay top dollar!

$800? lol

Whose jersey?

Just buy them off the store, if you're gonna pay that much. You'll get who you want, and it won't even smell. :lol:

how much ya want for a jkyne bradley one?

There is a huge Labour Day auction this year. The big 'Ticats' item is the 'one time only' helmets that we will be auctioning off.


There are so many great items I don't want to run the surprise but I would suggest all Cats fans and sports fans in general to look out for the announcements closer to the Labour Day Classic on Sept, 4th.


Are you interested in one of Amerson's college jerseys?

I don't want to ruin the surprise either, but look for at least 3 players and 2 coaches to be auctioned off also.

:oops: I'll just go give myself a timeout now....

there guanna get more for the helmets than any of those coaches

Thanks to all that responded...I managed to find what I was looking for...and thanks Will, but I have an autographed NAU helmet from Archie...I think that's all the college stuff I need.