I missed the game - Questions.

I would LOVE to be giving some of my timely, astute, and incisively insightful OBSERVATIONS about last nights season opening loss, however, I MISSED the game in it's entirety.

From the sifting I have been doing it sounds as though untimely mistakes, and lack of discipline played a large role in the score.

A couple questions ...

What happened to Ranek ?
Was BROOKS inserted at LB at all ?


So, apparently, 81 people have no Fr-Eakin clue ?

Thank-you very little.


Mean , Ranek has a thigh injury and yes Brooks got quite a few reps at LB and I thought he looked pretty good .

i have one question for you though , I`m glad we got Jason Maas as i agree that it was time to change QBs BUT , you went on and on and on about Danny Mac and his INTS last season . Well Mr Maas had a couple on Saturday and one was at a very important juncture in the game and I was wondering if you had any comments about this ????

Well, hab-dude, thank you for your response...

With regards to your question - As I said, I did not see the game and so any opinions I share are not FULLY INFORMED by my own observation ...

My MAIN QB point is - the ONLY thing Maas has over Eakin is EXPERIENCE. The two are natural born leaders, and have all the skills required to START in the CFL.

I UNDERSTAND there are MANY factors at work right now - new players, new coaches, new playbook etc. So any FINAL JUDGEMENTS would be premature to say the LEAST, however, it is my understanding that Maas made a couple of QUESTIONABLE DECISIONS during the game ... something you would HOPE/EXPECT his EXPERIENCE to limit, if not eliminate - so I am a little disappointed. Not so much that I am calling for anyone's head just yet ...

However, in the grand scheme of things I am ALREADY wondering if acquiring Maas was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY ... especially when you consider ALL of the holes the Ticats have on DEFENSE and the O-line.

Bottom line is the Ticats have two GREAT QB's in the stable (and a third UP and COMMER) ... so any talk of D-Mac must purely be for 'OLD TIME SAKE'.