I missed the game - People's thoughts - Players performance

  1. Who looked good on the d-line . Did Carver play . how did he look ?

  2. how did the defensive backs look ? standouts ? goats ? same for linebackers ? I hear Moreno looked good .

  3. I think we still need a big play reciever .

  4. From the stats , it seems Maas did ok he just kept the passes to short and no big plays .

  5. Overall comments on the game and who looked good and who did not ?

No pass rush, db's couldn't compete with Calgary's receivers, no big play receiver, Maas still can't throw down feild, or to the wide side.

  1. Maas needs to go, every coach is just laughing at us for sticking with him, they're not stupid they know they only have to defend a 30 yard radios against Maas. It just baffles me why Charlse is sticking with him.

thanks for the comments ....i think it's marcel not taffe that is sticking with him for now ..maybe they would like to see him peform to trade him ..who knows ....

How did Caver look may I ask ?

i am happy to see Lumsden did well as well as holmes and moreno ..( finally a middle linebacker ) . We have not had one since Tiggle . i think the D-line will be ok as long as they go with Collier and Caver with Mckay-Lausher . My biggest concern right now is they have no big play recivers with experience in the CFL . Anderson is a good 2knd or third guy . They should have picked up Mitchell .

Caver got a roughing the passer call, otherwise he looks to be the odd man out when Collier returns.

Hodges looked better than Caver.

Apart from Setta nobody stood out for anything good.

On offense I thought Lumsden, Radlein and Holmes all played decent.

On defense Cody, Reid, Anderson, Moreno and Armour played decent.

I thought special teams coverage was awesome, Mariuz was very good on special teams.

Setta had a good first game with the Cats. The Punting and special teams were a bright spot in this game.

I think Glovesave has it about right.

I was at the game (Mrs. MadJack and I spent the weekend in Calgary). On offence it'll take some time for everyone to get in sync I suppose; Ralph obviously was the goat of the game, but the other receivers have some potential I think. Holmes was excellent, so was Lumsden. I won't second guess the coach on starting Maas in the next game but I'd pull him earlier than the 4th quarter if things aren't going the Cats' way; Chang looks good, first time I've seen him and I came away impressed. If in the next game Hamilton is trailing at the end of the half, I'd say put him in (or earlier if need be).

On defence I was (as always) impressed with Tay Cody (were I to be an offensive football player, there is just no way on God's good earth that I'd go anywhere near his territory if I had the ball in my hands; he's just downright scary, a HB who hits like a Mack Truck!).

Moreno looks like a keeper; the other defender who really impressed me was Karikari who did really well playing out of position. Anderson and Gordon on the corners, Shaw at safety, so Cody and KK were the HBs. Now Karikari is a natural safety, and in TC was being worked out on the corner....so to throw him in at HB with little to no experience at that spot was quite the gamble, but it worked; he looked rather good I'd say.

Now, all that said, let's be honest....Hamilton just got beat by a superior team on the day. But for Ralph's two brain cramps the score would have been closer, but it still would have ended up with the better team winning, which is as it should be.

Now go on out there and beat the Argos!!

I know everyone's on Jason Maas's case after his poor performance, but I'd just like to say I wasn't very fond of the offensive play calling. Have you ever seen a CFL offence run that many 3 step drops? All the passes in the first half were either to running backs or they went sideways. Was that all Maas's fault, or was that the way they were drawn up.

For example, the pass to Brock Ralph in the end zone that he fumbled, why in the world would anyone call that play when you're backed up on your own goal line? We would have been better off having Maas take a knee in the endzone and give up the safety than call a risky play like that and have the defence score a TD.

Here is a clip of the game but its just Timmy Chang...


...and one more thing, I don't think we ran the ball enough. We were running it well and we should have kept that going. I know we got behind and the common perception is you need to throw to catch up, but no! RUN RUN RUN. Our rushing offence was about a million times better than our passing offence.

Nobody in the secondary looked good.

Here's how I saw the game.

It was obvious we were over matched from the start!

Lumsden ran well and showed speed and power. I think this offence will really start clicking when we can balance the run and the pass.
After a slow start Moreno started to get the feel for the game and played well as did Armour. I beleive he had the only sack? I think somewhere along the lines our recievers will step up but we have got to give them a chance. There were no yards after catch as soon as our guys made the catch Calgary was there to make the tackle. Walker had a couple good returns called back due to penalties.
I look for play calling to improve as the season goes on there were a couple times that the wrong call was made at the wrong time. The screen pass to Ralph is a good example of that.
Maas seemed a bit passive when throwing the one thing that Chang brings is he throws with conviction. The O seemed to have a pep in their step when Chang was in the game. Maas deserves to start against Toronto but look for the coaches leash to be a bit tighter.
Against Toronto we must commit to the run and use both Holmes and Lumsden to wear them down. Bring the safety to the line of scrimmage and get Ralph, Curry and Walker behind the dbacks!

Don't give up hope yet there's still lots of football to be played and I think the team is going to improve each week.

No one in the seconday looked good only becasue there was little pass rush. Burris had all day to find his recievers and when we covered he was able to beat us with his feet. Need more stunts and schemes to get to the QB. The secondary will be fine!