I miss Tasker

when will he be back? I think that alone will help Dane on 2nd down quite a bit.

Actually, I thought second down production was good against the Stamps. It seems connecting on the long passes is more of an issue right now, but maybe Tasker can help with YAC production. Some height in the receivers might also help.

Yeah, take the deep pass out of the play book for a couple weeks.

Evans was gold chipping away and taking what Calgary was giving us. When Evans went deep it was advantage Calgary.

Having Tasker back plays perfectly into Evans skill set. Short to medium throws.
And Tasker will no doubt help Liam on his FG attempts.

This offence is weird I mean we def have the most in shape receivers in the league cause goddamn Banks and Addison are running back and forth 30 yards across the field every single play before the ball is even snapped and before actually turning up and running routes then running back to the huddle… I know they’re athletes and everything but gotta be tiring even for them. I’d love to see them just run full speed waggles and play some actual regular receiver some time but doesn’t seem like it with Evans in.

That’s Condell’s play design. Got nothing to do with Evans.

And throwing across the field, rather than deep, means the receiver doesn’t need to run a tight route to gain separation. Coverage behind or near the LOS might be a LB rather than a DB.

Ever present danger is the pick six.

Tasker is not only good at catching he draws a ton of defenders off of Speedy. :frowning:

Tasker is on this trip to Alberta, There is a very good chance he will play in EDM