I Miss Steeltiger. Do You?

We've hit the hard times, my brothers and sisters. No CFL ball. Free agent signings still in the future. There's little other than teams re-signing players (pleeeeease- not resigning... I can't tell you how many times last off season my heart jumped when I read that some player has resigned)... teams re-signing players and the occasional rumour.

When Steeltiger was on the board he propounded some of the most fantastic tales, wildest trades, oddest signings, and weirdest prognostications ever collected on one message board. ST... where are you now?

Keep posting regularly guys. They forget you quick around here. Gulp....

As Drexl called it on the Ti-Cat board.... do you remember McMahon?

ed or vince or jim?

If Steeltiger is McMahon, was he not banned from the site?.. I don't know, I'm just asking...

Yeah... last McMahon post was Thu Aug 31, 2006 1:12 pm.
Posts as Steeltiger appear to be gone from the board history. Yeah, the guy was odd but if anybody could start a rumour- he could. Anyway.... this thread was itself a nothing idea.... just proof of how bored someone can get without real news.