I miss Marshall - Welcome back Lumsden - and other ramblings

I miss Marshall.

I think with the return and long contract signing of Lumsden, it's time to bring his old coach back. I think it is very clear that coaching isn't the problem with this team. You just fired the best coaching lineup in the CFL over the past few months, and I miss them all.

I know in times like these things need to be done to try and turn things around, and I know the fans are looking to the Spec and Ticats.com for news on changes each and every time we get blown out (I would be lying if I didn't admit I do the same), but if we are going to give guys like Mass and others the benefit of the doubt the rest of the season, we should give Marshall another chance. He is a fan favorite, and someone this team(this league for that matter), needs at a time like this.

Local heroes.

Faces we have known in this community for sometime. People who understand our history as Hamiltontians first off, and our passion for these cats. I miss the days when Jarrett Smith and Mike Morealle and Rob Hitchcock and countless other Hamiltonians were all out there. Guys this city have known for a long time, and some we might have played against or with in our high school days.

Ask someone what they liked about 'Mistery Alaska' and I bet it's the fact that it was all local boys people in the town knew and could relate to. Don't get me wrong, I love our import talent too. Past and present, but more local boys is something this league is missing.

I know what I am talking about here would take some effort and collaboration from all teams, but we have some great talent in this city and in this country. I would love to see more of them playing in the CFL, and for our elite players like Lumsden, to really want to play and stay up here in Canada. I think Lumsden needed to give the NFL a shot, but I hope as this league developes more, kids growing up in this country not only want to watch the CFL over the NFL, but those who want to play professional, chose our league first. Because it's great, because it's fun, because they are Candadian, and because it's hometown football.

Phew. There's my beef. All and all though, I still and always will love the Cats. These are just some things I miss about them (this league).

Oh .... and when are we getting an East coast team. Two actually. What a rivallry and what a way to give this league a boost. We need more games to watch, and more great rivalries. How about another BC team too? If Alberta can do it, why not BC? Rivalries!

Sorry, but Coach PaoPao was definitely part of the problem.

marshall was in over his head.

no he was too buddy buddy with the players and 2 guys didn't like it.

you can say that again with Kani this time

He was BOTH.

It would be interesting to note the two players who didn't like him. If they are the kind of guys who like everyone but couldn't get along with Marshall, I can understand. I think I remember talk of some players not getting along with him, but I can't think of names. Probably really doesn't matter. I don't know that he is the answer, but I just don't feel he was the problem.

As for PaoPao, I don't know what it is, but I like him. He simply looks like a defence coach. He may have not been what the Cat's needed as we look at how the defence has been playing as of late. Last game was actually exciting to watch in part. At least the defence part. There was some definate determination there!

I am not sure what's up with Mass either? He looked great just before the Grey Cup when he played for Edmonton, but he just hasn't clicked here. He has that look of a great quarterback, but something is just not there for him yet?

I worry that coach Lancaster(front office) is giving him too much of a chance like he did Danny Mac in the end there. On the other hand howerver, for some reason I think outside of his play this year, that he can be great too.

What makes guys like Allen & Brady (sorry, I am a Pats fan when it comes to the NFL), great? What makes them natural leaders? What brings these traits out in them? I don't believe it's something we are born with, but maybe something we have grown up with?

Mass obviously made it this far, and he isn't here because he doesn't have it in him, but what brings out the greatness in the player that others see in them? Is it a great coach like Al Bruno, or fans who believe in him or better yet, a team that says I know you can be our leader for many years to come. Just believe brother and I'll believe in you?

I don't know but I hope he can find his inspiration soon. Obviously the head office see's something many of us haven't seen yet.

I wonder ... does he miss his old coach(team), too much? Sounds like there was quite a connection there and I wonder if he has found that here? Lancaster was Danny's coach. Who is Mass'? You see a lot of quarterbacks follow their coach. Those of us who have played sports know that some coaches just breath inspiration, and how can you not want to be surrounded in that - and can you play great when you can't find that inspiration? Can one be great on talent alone?

I think we'll see Mass step up his 'Triple' A game tonight. Not because he is due, but because I believe his inspiration is in town tonight. Maybe that will be the spark he needs to continue that greatness? All I can say is Mass, dont' let go of the inspiration that has gotten you this far in life, but be open to find it elsewhere. This is a very powerful and passionate city. Inspiration is all around you. On the field, and outside the walls of Ivor Wynne.

A 5-0 ending would be a great way to put the first half of the season behind us and chalk it up as a really big learning curve.

Here's a thought ....

You ask the question:

Lancaster was Danny's coach. Who is Maas'?
If you read the article in The Edmonton Sun ... [url=http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news/sports/story.html?id=d2d4a352-ae35-41f4-b4da-345f6ffd4a1c]http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/n ... 5f6ffd4a1c[/url] ... Your question will be answered.

It is not a question of coaching ... Jason Maas is missing his WIFE & FAMILY.

As I experienced in my family growing up, "behind every great man is an even greater woman". This is what Maas needs. He misses his family and the burden of being away is weighing heavily on his mind.

Maybe Jason with his big salary, should bring his family into town for the rest of the season and turn his season around.

Just a thought ...

The Bassman 8)


I wonder if the light stays on when you close the fridge door.

I still maintain the club's demise is directly related to the new uniforms.

Do fish ever get thirsty?

Could Lumsden make the transition to slotback?

What does a 2006 TiCat game look like sober?

Why is there no ham in a Hamburger?

Why do we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway?

If the Tiger Cats start winning will Ivor Wynne Stadium be empty?

If Maas complete's a 50 yard pass and it isn't on TV, will anyone notice?

The Bassman 8)


Thanks for that link, cat4life.

I appreciate it.

The bad news is his wife has another store planned
which makes it even harder for her to be away for 6 mo.

So why doesn’t she expand into the most lucartive market in Canada - Southern Ontario.

It’s not like there aren’t any vacant stores to move into in jackson Square.

The Bassman 8)


Actually, Alberta is the roaring economy of Canada right now. I'm assuming you're joking about Jackson Square?

Maas's family ties were well-known to the TiCats prior to the trade. Perhaps they were under estimated. Then again, every professional athlete goes through the same thing.

If you were speeding, at the speed of light, and the cops were traveling at the speed of sound, how would you hear the sirens?



Sound travels at the speed of sound, and light travels at the speed of light, and those are two different speeds, with sound always being a loser.

This is why kids today can't listen to music, they have to have MTV and stupid crap like that. Ask Queen (Radio Ga-Ga).

re-htpride- the article on holmes states that the offensive system under paopao was"BIZZAR" - Marshall,s authority as H.C was undermined,i doupt if he would wven want to be an assistant in the cfl again,- he deserved coach of the year :thup: - regardless of what nwo- types- paopao was the ..... not coach Marshall- great thread but mind the sharks, and stingrays :roll:

And Video Killed The Radio Star.

The movie, "Almost Famous" sums it up nicely.

That being said, maybe our PA filler music is distracting Maas. I know it irritates me.

As for Marshall, he was in over his head, made the mistake of getting too chummy with some players, didn't surround himself with able assistants, and tried too hard to get Canadians featured on all three teams.

Have you ever wondered what the speed of dark is?

If you were driving your car at the speed of light, would anything happen if you turned the headlights on?

(with apologies to Steven Wright, but I'm sure he'd be sympathetic to our plight)

Thanks Massdestruction. :O)And thanks as well for the Edmonton Jounral link, catsfan4life. Great article in deed

You think when Mass got this offer with the Cats, maybe he and his wife would have sat down and decided what was best for the family? His wife persuing her second boutique and Mass either staying on as second string with the Eskies(if that was even an option), or find a new career.

Or, the family moves to Hamilton and they try to make it work here. Sounds like two people with dreams, and neither one of them wants to let theirs go - as they shouldn't have to.

I have never had to make these kinds of decisions as of yet, so I really can't say much on this topic. But at Mass' $300,000/annum, is her clothing boutique pulling in that much? O.k, that's not fair because her boutiques will probably be feeding that family until their kids have kids, but for the next 10 years if Mass stays healthy and makes it work as a starter, that's a lot of dough.

I will say, by her staying back home it's alomst as if as a family they were saying "if you make it in Hamilton, we'll talk about moving the family out there, but see how things go first."

I don't want to put words in either of their mouths though. Mass seems like a good guy and I can understand him missing his family. That makes me want to see him succeed even more. We need family men - people our children can look up to. If he played like Allen or Brady and didn't miss his family, I think I wouln't like him - although I would secretly enjoy seeing a winning team again.

I just don't think Mass is truly getting the chance he deserves without the love and support right there by his side when he needs it the most. There is nothing like a big hug from your daughter. Mine is only 11 days old, but I still love hugging her. If only his wife could work from home - in Hamilton, for the weeks the Cat's are in town. He's got 5 games to make a go of this. Like he says, who knows if Hamilton head office will want him back.

Lifes decisions are hard, but I hope Mass gets the opportunity he deserves to makes all his dreams come true. I know what it's like to have a dream all of your life that you just can't let go of. Mine doesn't have a time deadline like that of a professional sports player, but I think about it each and every day. He probably only has a few more years to give this a really good go of it.

I don't think Mass just wants to make it work though, I think he knows inside he can step out of the CFL in 10 years, someone people will remember and be able to live his life knowing he was a success at something he was so passionate about.

However, and this is it I promise, if it doesn't work Mass, remember the greatest thing you will ever achieve, is being a good father. As long as you have that when the day is done, you have all a man could ever ask for, and you will still be a hero in ours, and in your familys heart. At least you can say you gave it your all.

Who cares what those guys screaming obsenities behind you say. All you can do is your best and like you said, no one is harder on you than you. At least you are doing everything in your power to purusue your dreams. How many people will die having never let their dreams not only live inside of them, but be an active part of them?

But stop right there because we are not through with you yet! :O)

Kick some ass tonight. I'll be there with every finger and toe crossed for the best performance in your life tonight.

The only person it matters who believes in you, is you.

Why not have a whole team of locals?

Chances are we would only lose about three games more than we will this year. Of course eventually no one will show up for the games.

Get progressive new coaches and talented players. Lets get a tough D and an good offensive game plan. I think that Maas is the guy that can do the job.

Why are hotdogs sold in packs of 12 yet buns are sold in packs of 8?

Marshal coaching record
last two seasons
Don't miss him at ALL! :roll:

Track record doesn't mean anything but I am on a Mass kick so I want to talk about him instead.

Holy crap I knew he had it in him! What a great performance. It was a little bit of a slow start, but with an exciting kick return, and fantastic play from our defence as usual, Mass found his place and he deserves a lot of credit for our win tonight.

It has been our defence doing all the work for the most part, and even last night they were a big part of the win, but when your offence isn't performing, it's frustrating and disheartening for the D. Mass stepped up, he had confidence in his recievers and rushers, and they had confidence in him. You could see the chemistry out there.

Like I said in another thread, Flutie was Danny's reciever, is DJ Mass'? (I still love Morrealle though). :O)

It's been a long time since I have enjoyed a Cat's game that much, and from what I seen in those stands last night, a lot of people were having fun.

Still upset that Lumsden didn't play, and asked the forum earlier if he was even dressed? I couldn't tell. The fans were wanting a taste of what's to come at least. I just don't get it, but I am not the coach.

I think with Lumsden in there, we are going to kick some serious but because he is explosive. THe first time I seen him play over at Mac, I was amazed, and when I seen him play on TV for the Cats, I realized he was for real as a professional too.

I think the Skins made a huge mistake letting him go, but he's going to be a guy worth the 200,000 Holmes is asking for.

Kudos for all you believers and boo to you to all the guys who still see problems with last nights performance. Do you not make at least one mistake a day in your daily jobs? If you don't, you probably aren't as good at your job as you could be. If you are affraid to fail, you are affraid to succeed.

Keep it coming Mass. There are a heck of a lot of believers.