I miss going to ottawa

I am a ticat fan who had season tickets for 3 years for the rennegades. EE row 14 seat 1&2 if I remember ,but I miss those days sitting in the stands,great people great beer and great football,no matter what the score was. WE NEED THEM BACK.

Good of you to say. :thup:

Not the same thing, I know, but a number of us tailgate the Gee-Gees games. If you happen to be in town during a game for whatever reason, drop by and say hi. We're in the southeastern corner of the park.

Ack - 3 months and still no news regarding the state of things in Ottawa. Are they even trying any more?

I think the problem is the land that lansdown sits on is worth a fortune to be developed

This makes me wonder about something, though it might seem obvious at first.

Would you support the league more than you currently are if the league kept up some line of communication?

I would assume so, but I don’t know how much “supporting” you guys do right now.

Bearing in mind of course, that your response may elicit the standard reply that you’re not doing enough, etc, etc…

Well, first off, it's tough to support a team that doesn't exist.

Second, keeping Ottawa fans updated on the progress would, at the very least, be a reminder to said fans that the league is committed to the idea of returning a team to Ottawa.

And lastly, I guess if there isn't ever going to be a return to Ottawa, we may as well know that now, so we don't get strung along for years. Somehow, knowing for certain that the CFL is toast in Ottawa would be easier than living in this information vacuum. But that's just me.

It's not just you, I very much agree.

But for the record, I was asking about supporting the league, not the team. I know some people that still watch the games and some that don't. But I believe that those that don't could be interested again if the league showed some willingness to acknowledge their existence.

I admit to taking a year off last year, after the Renegades folded. I was so disgusted by the way things went down that I just couldn't stomach anything CFL.

I also used to have a subscription to 'The Official CFL Magazine' - had been a subscriber since it began publishing the year before. But after I read the following editorial by Murray Greig, Volume 2, Issue 1, I let my subscription expire, and haven't renewed it:

[b]Addition by subtraction[/b]

'Let's be brutally frank about this. With the suspension of the Ottawa Renegades, the Canadian Football League will be stronger and more competitive in 2006 than it has been for years.'

...blah blah blah (skip ahead through all the spin-doctoring and rationalizing, to the end)...

'See? There's really no downside to the demise of the Renegades. Ottawa's loss is truly the CFL's gain.'

shakes head in disbelief

WHAT?!?! No downside?? Ottawa's loss is the CFL's gain??!? I beg to differ, buddy. I can think of several downsides, and as for the comment 'Ottawa's loss is the CFL's gain', well, correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't football fans in Ottawa considered a part of the CFL too? How exactly are they supposed to have gained?

It's exactly that kind of drivel that sickened me to anything CFL, so yeah, I took a 1-year hiatus, and have only reluctantly begun watching the games again (it's still the best game around, afterall).

But I couldn't believe that garbage when I read it.

It was bad enough losing the team, without having to read about how much better off we apparently all are, because of it.

It's sad to see FC stadium sitting unused when there could be a CFL team in there. I was in Ottawa on the week end and went by the Lynx stadium a couple of times. Can't see how it could be expanded ( as I read somewhere)because of its close proximity to the street. But its a nice minor baseball stadium. Don't know how it was funded but the city of Ottawa must have financed a good chunk of it. But the baseball team is leaving so they'll have a fairly new park going unused.
Don't know why they would build that park and then apparently not want to fix up Frank Clair.
What Ottawa city counsel needs to do IMO is build a new stadium for football using the proceeds from selling Landsdown Park to developers. They would only have to put up a portion of the sale and then apply for grants from the provincial and federal gov'ts to cover the rest, for a new stadium.
It would be a win win situation.