I McLike the new McCommish!

Sure his McDad has served up 40 years of McColon-McClogging McCrap to McCanadians...

No McMatter!

After watching the state of the CFL press McConference I really McBelieve we got a gem of a McCommish! It's been a long time since a McCFL press McConference has been so well timed, polished, and presented to fans!

McCongrats McCommish!

You know what I could use to wash down this post by UB40?

A little red, red wine.

Damn, I've been waiting for months for this guy to complain about something so I could use that. :wink:

Oh, I wasn't being sarcastic or complaintive - Sec8'72!

I genuinely like our new Commish! Hell, I liked the last one, too!

I just b*tch about everything else... like, white helmets!

Now, they were a Rat in our Kitchen!!!!