I maybe living in the past...

but there was a play the Cats had that really clicked..it was a play that involved the slotbacks.

QB would take maybe a 2-3 step back..and a very quick pass to a streaking slot..usually just going straight.

Rocky really made this a golden play.
I think Rufus was used on this play as well.

It was so fast -so quick and it always netted a good amount of yards.

No too sure what that play would be 'called'
but I think with Maas in there and our slots..ie Holmes...that play would relieve pressure off the O-Line...and would be good in a blitz situation.

I wonder if coaches watch old reels of old games and see what worked --that you may not see as much currently.

I know there alot of variables that are completely different..but sometimes you might be able to gain something from reviewing the past.

takes a Qb like kerrigan to get it there mayber??

like a quick hitter to the sidelines except straight up feild, you mean? what a novel concept... moving the ball downfeild.... i love it!

You need tight routes and Rockys golden hands, because the ball has really got to be zipped in there. Plus the receiver has got to be tough to take those inside route pops from linebackers. Is there anybody on the current roster that likes to get hit? Time for Peterson to step it up. He runs good tight inside routes, needs to work on the finish. I agree though, was one of our best plays for years and got us out of alot of jams.

someone with the initials MM comes to mind...

I thought he was just our desiginated drop kicker. (Perhaps the best kicker on the team :stuck_out_tongue: ) Yes he is so under utilized and 7yd completions over the middle can sure tighten a defence. Does he still want to take the pounding?

Mike wants to take the poinding, get in there and contribute.

Im sure the lack of playing time on offence is killing him.

That's a "hot" pattern.
The slotback recognizes the blitz coming from his side and the QB hits him almost immediately, about 5 yards upfield.
Ralph caught at least a couple of those in Montreal.

Ralph was my next guess lol

Mark Myers? :lol:

that was tom clements to rocky my fav play, use to always get 14 yds. they even did it few times on 3rd and 1.

don't think this play would work with yeast

Both Yeast and Vaugn would thrive with this play. Sure, they wouldn't be able to drag half the defence on their backs like Rocky did, but they would make people miss and pick up big yards. Morreale would do well too.

I think Maas tried to hit Yeast with it in Montreal. Yeast didn't read blitz and never turned around. (Although it may have actually been someone else.)

i remember Danny did this last year against... BC? Calgary? Montreal maybe? with Morreale making the catch. we were deep in our own zone, and the catch would have brought us out from the shadows of our own uprights...(it was about 14 yards or so.) but then Mike get POPPED and the ball comes out...

it was a bad time to fumble....even though it wasn't entirely his fault.

That play works best with a tall/big receiver.
The Tony Gabriels, Nick Araki, Rocky's, the big target slow running Non-Import receiver. It was the only way to consistently get them the ball. They were not going to fool you to get open, or run by you. It seems the big tough receivers are fazed out of the modern game with the 5 wide sets.

The ball has to be thrown over the "D" linemans out-streched arms, and the receiver will have to run like a freight train to drag a couple of tacklers. It does not lend itself to the Terry Vaughns or Craig Yeasts of our world.

The past is not back to Rocky and Gabriel. Morreale has caught 130 passes in the last 2 years here, 90 percent for firstdowns.

I do not understand why he has only caught 1 pass this year, a trick play at that.He should be used in some 5 and 6 receiver sets. It's not as if the other receivers are burning up the field.

Peterson and Ralph do not strike me as over the middle types but rather speed type guys.Put Morreale in once in a while for a change of space he has the experience to read defences which is necessary at the SB position. Can't hurt

Indeed, it would be a serious help.