I may have to bite the bullet and subscribe to DAZN

There have been some absolutely crazy results in UEFA games this year including today’s total remarkable Liverpool miracle. But I didn’t see any of them because DAZN bought Canadian rights this year so none of the games of the world’s biggest annual soccer competition were on TSN as in past years.

Today Liverpool improbably beat Barcelona 4 - 0 after losing 3 - 0 last week in the first leg in Barcelona. I didn’t see that coming. On to the final now against the winner of Ajax Amsterdam and Tottenham who play leg 2 of their series in Amsterdam tomorrow. (gorgeous stadium I’ve been to a couple of times).

Earlier this week with the Premier League still on TSN and Sportsnet some fantastic games involving Liverpool and Manchester City are in a battle for the ages for the league title. One point apart with one game left for each this Sunday. Like tens of millions of soccer fans world wide I’ll be watching on Sunday flipping back and forth between the Liverpool - Wolverhampton game and the Brighton - Man City game.

If reports are true that Premier League’s Canadian rights are going to to DAZN too I’m going to have to bite the bullet and subscribe. Premier League games are my sit back and relax and enjoy over coffee start to the vast majority of my Saturdays and Sundays August through May.

TP, I was on Dazn for a 30 day free trial when my favourite Croatian team was well into the Europa league this spring.
The streaming was horrid, with the quality of coverage a little above digital.
Heck I am not saying I won't do it again next year when the Championship qualifications start.
A little pricey though at $20 per month.

Save your money and subscribe to Fox TV. :wink:

The lousy streaming is what concerns me ArgoT. I keep hearing that from people who have it or tried it. And yes $20 a month is also a bit much unless they have some other programming that catches my interest each month. I'd likely not subscribe for June, July and probably August each year - but that still would be $180 for the 9 months. Things like that start to add up.

Seems so unfortunate to me that a step back in quality in terms of viewer experience for Canadians was deemed a good move by UEFA and the Premier League.

Yes if you go August you now get all NFL games maybe more worth trying .

If you do let us know if they worked out the bugs .