I may be delusional but.....

So I may be delusional but I do not think that this season is a complete write-off, as so many are claiming it to be. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, but as shown before in the CFL anything can happen during the season but more importantly in the playoffs (Toronto gelling late last season, and BC the year before started 1-6.-- both going on to win the GC).

This team needs a running game first and foremost, Walker is not the guy, he is a change of speed back who should be put in on second downs to give Hank an option in the flat. Chevy in open field = one of the mot dangerous players in the league! BUT he is not an inside runner, or a starting RB for that matter, so get him out of that role. I do not think Gable is the guy either. Right now I think Cobourne (if in shape) would be the most logical fit at RB. He is hard nosed, can block better than most RB in the league, and will get you 4-5 yards a carry. Long Term-- Danny Mac and Drew Alamang need to find some young stud who can come in and have the job for years..

-D Line was non-existent tonight, but that is largely due to SASK o-line. However, with Torrey Davis coming back soon as well as Peach I think they will continue to improve and will have consistent outings later in the season.

-Secondary--- very athletic group, but when Durant has all day to throw guys will be open.I could complete half of those passes if I had 5 seconds to throw the ball every down. Receiver will get open if the QB has time, I do not care how talented the DB's are! Yes there were a number of blow coverages tonight, but that is expected when you start a friggen new group of DB's every game. Orlando decide who your 5 starters are gonna be and for Christs sake, please stick with that group and let them build some kind of chemistry with one another. They will learn each other tendencies and know where they will have help/ and where the DB's will be on the field. But when the secondary keeps changing, I expect to see the same results we are seeing now.

With the east being much weaker then the West this year, I believe the Cats can snag second place if these MAJOR concerns are addressed. It is a long season guys and I am not giving up on Austin (who is the right coach for this group of guys) and this team quite yet.

However, I may just be delusional...

Can't say the season is a write off after just 4 games.
The defense played a lot better today and kept the team in it as long as possible.
That's about the only good that can be taken from today.

Also can Congi start next game. This guy is an all-star. 6/10-- not great but let the guy work it out, he will be back and he will be fine!

I think that Austin can see that WAlker and GAble combo isn't working and he has to throw every down what else can he do with these two rookie backs . MR CAretaker dig into those deap pockets and get our coach a BOyd or a AVon we can't be anywhere near the salary cap eh Bob? Room for $ 150,000 ??:roll: :lol:

yes we need a running game but why do we feel avons the one how many times can u kik someone to the curb and then call them back i said soon as boyd was cut we sign him but who am I

Avon is the one. Him or Boyd. Maybe even take a look at Fred Reid (guy is only 31). This organization has made a mistake twice now letting this guy go. They need to wake up, swallow their pride, and ask Cobourne to come back. And if they can not do that, they need to look for another viable option or Burris will continue to be hit, and the passing game will suffer.

I would pick boyd up…to me ,he was the best running back in the league when he played…we need someone who is tough as nails,and he is!

Good points. Injuries have also played a big part. However, I would not have released an all-star MLB in Rey Williams.
Lamar needs to get to the outside or burst quickly through the holes on returns. He seems hesitant after his many fumbles...maybe put Chevy back there on returns. Which leads me to the running game...why did we release Colbourne and Mallet??? I think we could sign Boyd pretty cheaply as no one's knocking at his door...yet.

So long as he's not a cancer in the locker room, like so many have implied, I have no problems us signing Boyd.

Give Tavoy Moore the rock.............shouldn't hurt considering no one else has stepped up.

Boyd is not a good blocker in pass protection and he does not pick up the blitz well. He was a tough inside runner in his first two years with Argos and a decent receiver as well but he was not the same back at the end with Argos or during his time in Edmonton. Keep in mind that Boyd, as I recall, has a fairly significant concussion history as well
Boyd is not the answer but the Ti-Cats need a back who can block and run inside and the offensive line needs to rededicate itself to some effective run blocking. There were few if any running lanes opened by the O-line on Sunday. The head coach needs to rededicate himself to the run game as well. Remember, Austin was fired as the offensive coordinator in Toronto because he was reluctant to run the football.

With only 4 games in, and 14 to go, of course it isn't.

This, for all intents and purposes, is more like preseason with new players, coaches and system. it will, at least take a little time for this team to gel and find its identity.

I'm more concerned with the team's health, performance, and momentum in the last 5 or 6 games of the season.

If the team is relatively healthy, and on a good run, a Grey Cup appearance is achievable.