I make you a bet within 5 years

I bet you if Laval University can get a average of 15,000 a game they will jump to the ncaa and will play in either the big east or mid-american conferance.......They need to average 15,000k a year to get into D-1 and they are the best prospect for Canada to do so since they have dominated Canadian college football over the last few years.

Don't Canadian colleges play Canadian rules?

Yeah, but they would change in order to play in the NCAA. Simon Fraser University in Vancouver is planning on making the move. High school football in BC and Quebec, for some reason, play US rules.

Wow...That is really strange.

Makes me think the CFL's time is running out...

That's hilarious. A hundred years of history and you think it's time is running out? I am starting to smell a troll. Maybe a UFL troll?

How can I be a fan of a league that hasn't even started yet?

Also, as far as that CFL's time is running out statemtent...

When your schools and colleges stop playing one version of the sport and replace it with another, it seems only reasonable to expect that they'll grow to appreciate what they are playing and what they are seeing more so than something they aren't.

Not to mention, that the Bills still seem poised to move to Toronto. So the CFL is under attack in the west by way of Canada's schools and in the East by way of the NFL.

Lastly, you throw in the UFL, which will probably take on some Canadian players and its a league very interested in going international....

I'd say the CFL is under more pressure now than ever.

Yes the Bills are poised to move to Toronto when so far for this year's game, they haven't sold 10,000 tickets!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me as I roll over and laugh my a@@ off!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :rockin:

The fact that BC and Quebec high schools play US rules is not new. It hasn't threatened the league before and it doesn't now. The Bills threatening the CFL is also up for debate. I guess I'm not sure you realize how big this league is in Canada. 68,000 people went to last year's Grey Cup, 3 million people watched on television (those are huge numbers for Canadian television). Forgive my reaction (calling you a troll), but it seems like the statements were made without some key facts.

Oh yeah, and I don't think that the UFL would ever be a threat to the CFL. Some people here are afraid of the NFL because it is such a beast, but there is no way that the UFL would affect the CFL in anyway....other than like you say signing SOME great quality talent away from the CFL.

Its NCAA 2

There will be no Washington Huskies, No Oregon Ducks, No Nebraska Corn Huskers...... It will be Western Washington University....... Duluth Tigers, Montana Sunshine.....Every day names you read about on the front page..... :roll: :roll:

No Oregon Ducks or Washington Huskies....yet.

Besides, SFU isn't that big of a school anyway. The reason they wanted into the NCAA was to play some of their rivals that had moved into the GNW conference. They are now reunited with those rivals, so I'd say SFU is right where they belong.

UBC, on the other hand, they'll need to be granted D-I status....

UBC Has to average 15,000 to be in D-I for football and as for basketball I dont know how Canadians they would fare there

They are not even close to that. I'm not sure if they played NCAA div II that they would bring those attendance numbers in either (so that they could make the jump to Div I). That's probably the biggest dilemma for schools considering the move. They wouldn't be in div 1 right away and they would have trouble getting the numbers that are necessary to convince the powers that be that they can make the move to div. 1. They would be stuck in a lower league and be not much better off than if they were in CIS. Except for the fact that they would get to give full athletic scholarships...maybe share in some tv revenue money as well.

There is No TV Revenue in NCAA 2 unless independant USA Broadcasters air it locally. At least in CIS, there was some TV revenue from the CORE broadcasts.

I hope MY TAX DOLLARS don't fund some rich Oil Baron's Kid from Texas coming to SFU.... I'll be writting my local MP if that happens!

I wasn't talking D-I for football.

I'm told the problem with bringing UBC into the fold is they have a D-I hockey team that would absolutely dominate the D-II schools.

I believe, as long as you have a vibrant well known program in one sport, you can leverage that into making other decent programs in other sports because athletes will want to go to a school that is renowned for something in athletics. Even if it isn't their sport.

For instance, I suspect Syracuse's new coach will make Syracuse better than Rutgers again simply because he is a capable man and it will be easier to sell Syracuse to kids because the basketball and lacrosse teams are so good and so well known. Rutgers is a decent football school as of late but they aren't renowned in football or any other sport. Syracuse's last coach was completely inept and ran a good program into the ground.

Long time lurker, just registered so I could respond to this because it's a topic that interests me.

It is true that high schools in BC play NCAA rules, i didn't realize that Quebec did as well, news to me. As a long time CFL fan this used to bother me as well, until my kids got old enough to start playing themselves. In BC there is also a strong community football program for kids as young as 6 playing flag all the way up to Midget which is 17-18 year olds. Community football uses CFL rules, and so the vast majority of kids who end up playing in high school have come through the Community system.

As far as high school goes, there are two reasons they have adopted NCAA rules. One is that it gives graduating kids a better chance (or so the theory goes) at playing NCAA, but more importantly, it gives coaches a better chance at developing a passing offense. In community football, particularly at the younger ages, teams that try to pass have a lot of two dropped balls and a punt, this can get frustrating. It is entertaining to watch BC High School football, many of the better teams, usually with the majority of their rosters coming from the community system, play a spread offense and the one extra down is just a bonus - nightmare for defenses. It is also funny to hear players comments at times when they are told by the coach to just leave the punt alone, let the kicking team ground the ball. The kids understand the differences between the Canadian and US rules, and I think it makes them better players overall. Many BC schools will play one or more pre-season game against a team from Washington or Oregon, this is always interesting. Plus, the BC lions are very supportive of both the Community and High School programs, they will often send players or coaches to observe practices etc. Basically, football, particularly High School football is growing in BC - there are more schools starting programs every year. For more details see here:


As far as UBC and SFU, I had heard rumors that UBC was wanting to go NCAA, might make sense for hockey but absolutely no sense for football, either programs. I've been to see both teams and attendance is miserable, if this is a requirement then I think it would be a non-starter. Laval I could see going NCAA though.

Actually, this is not the problem you suggest: several teams -Alaska-Anchorage and Minnesota-Duluth, for instance- compete at the D-I level in Hockey, and in D-II in everything else.

No, it is a problem because there are stipulations on Canada's colleges joining.

One of them is that ALL of their teams must compete at the D-2 level and I believe they have to compete at the D-2 level for the next 10 years at which time the NCAA will reconsider. I don't understand why but that's the way I understand it.

I've actually thought for a while that you could make a case for a Div 1 and Div 2 in the CIS.

You could argue that a team like Laval is essentially minor league "pro" team with the corporate support they garner and really in a completely different league than say, Bishops. There are probably a dozen programs across the CIS that are in similar positions. So why not have the top programs in the country compete against each other?

It would raise the level of play dramatically if the top programs are playing against each other regularly and would also allow the 2nd Div teams more time to develop and play teams they have a chance to compete against.

I think the result would be much better ball, probably a national TV contract ,and better players graduating to the CFL.

This is actually not a new idea. I have a copy of a newspaper clipping from 1969 wherein CTV stated its intention to carry weekly games of a national super-league for then-CIAU football. The league was to be eight teams: St FX, Acadia, McGill, Queens, Toronto, McMaster, Alberta and UBC. I'm in the process of moving but will dig this out and post it.

SFU has its collective head up its ass going to the GNW conference. They can't seriously compete in the CW. This is a cost-cuting move that will backfire on them when they want back into the CIS in five years. It's unlikely UBC, Laval or anyone else will be joining the NCAA, as the CIS says it will look seriously at some version of full-ride scholarships. In Alberta at least, we're not that far away from the potential at least for full rides. The province awards Jimmy Condon scholarships (used to be $1800, but are now more, I believe) to Alberta athletes in University. However, the U of Lethbridge considers it part of the overall award instead of as a supplement to it. Don't know about U of C and U of A.