I Made the Quinella

Sitting in the stands tonight for a Raptors game for my birthday. Also made it to a Sens game, a TFC game, and a Jays game in addition to my Cat season seats this year.

First time (and likely last) this old guys has a year like that.

What kinds of sport or sports tours have YOU done?

Leafs play on the road
-Dallas ( went to the Dallas cowboy vs Dolphins while I was there)


  • Cowboys

world JRS
one game in buffalo
doing another two canada games this year


10-11 Notre Dame fighting Irish Games south bend IN

4-5 games a year thanks to bank of Dad for the first 11 years
Ticat season tickets 14 years

Ranger season tickets 3 years.

did alot of trips early 20's.... now do husband and wife trips go to the game but also do do sight seeing

11 MLB ballparks in 3 years. Love seeing different cities and meeting fans of other teams.

Have also travelled to see the Brier. Great canadian event.

Buddy of mine is in GB to watch Lions and Packers with his friend and his mom. His Dad doesn't like sports lol

His mother sports IQ is unbelievable more then most men... i know it 2017 but it's great to see 8)...... She even fills out the march madness bracket

In the 80's when I lived there I drove my bike to Boston and saw the Pats, Bruins, Celts, and BC; all by buying scalped tickets and all within eight days...good times. 8)

nice trips

Best one for me was STL

21 years old 4 buddies
-went to budweiser brewery 2 hour tour. $25

  • toured St.louis Cardinals stadium $10
  • $150 US sat right behind leafs penalty box could stick my hand where the Water bottle went. it included blue note lounge access dinner buffet free alcohol beverages deserts and it started 2 hours before the game and one hour after. meet Danny Cox relief picture for jays world series team great guy got some photos with him.

a bit dangerous city though we walked to the brewery from hotel took half an hour we were too cheap to buy a cab. we got a cab on the way back the the cabbie we walk to the brewery from our hotel and he said never do that again rough area and your lucky you didnt get mugged because you were in a group of 4 guys

2012 - drove to Regina to see the Ticats (return of Henry Burris, big 4th quarter comeback to win).
Saw the final home opener at old Winnipeg (Canad Inns) Stadium on the way there (vs Edmonton).
On the way back saw a Brewers game and a White Sox game.

Been to games in every CFL city except Ottawa.

Louisville vs. North Carolina basketball this past year, as well as World Hockey Championships in Paris.

HA, nice idea for a thread butQuinella???

Picking the 2 winners in any order LOL

Anyways for all time I had the pleasure of being at what i still consider the best football game ever played. 43-40 Sask in the 1987 Grey Cup. It was a beauty!!

Nice try, but I was at the '72 GC...check and mate :slight_smile:

But your right, that was a "beauty"; so i guess together it's a great Quinella.

LOL !!! The "87" Grey Cup ? I must've missed that one . ;D Now if yer talking about beauties , the "89" Grey Cup was the ultimate beauty......except for the fact that the wrong team won ???.

OOOPS, thank you for the correction. I was surrounded by crazy Sask fans at the game. Sask used to have the dude that lit his head on fire after scores. Anyone remember that guy?? (Am I imagining this as I can't find it on the internet which means it is not true). HELP!!!

LOL !!! Relax , you are definitely not having an Mandela effect moment . There was indeed at one time a crazy Saskatchewan fan named Sandy Monteith known as "The Flame" who did shoot flames out of his head after a Rider TD .

I guess you didn't try hard enough to actually search for this guy because I found him with no problem by googling "The Flame" Saskatchewan RoughRider fan . Low and behold up he popped .

I remember this guy from the 70's and 80's and remember seeing him and his Flame on more than one occasion at Ivor Wynne when the Riders were in town as well as seeing him on TV as a staple at Rider home and even some away games . Sadly though at a game in the 1990 season there was an apparent incident involving a young boy getting injured when an explosion happened that resulted with the Flame being banned from Taylor Field aka Mosiac Stadium as part of a court settlement and the Flame was no more after that .

Here is a story I found about that unfortunate incident and also about the character known as "The Flame" and the life long Rider fan who created him..... 8)

Hey B&G... you're right. I'm not a betting man and have never been to the track. When I was a kid somebody told me that a Quinella was picking 5 races in a row.Made sense because 'quin' usually relates to a '5' of some type (see quintuplets). After your reaction to the term I checked it out. Ooops.... :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

How embarrassing! And me a wordsmith and somebody who is a precisionist in language matters. I thought I was referring to the 5 sports I had made it to. I will now go stand int he corner with a dunce cap on.

All good Mark...I was just kidding.
I will look at this thread now as Mark's quintuple pentagonal of great experiences.

Heck, I got it mixed up with this.