I' M done For The Year

When Obie was announced the new GM I was happy because I thought he would bring respectability to the front office. Instead the whole league is laughing at us.
Giving up the best defensive player for nothing is a friggin joke. He's made an ass of himself and the team. Christ, even the Winnipeg front office is mocking him.
I will not go to another game this year, ande if things don't improve next year, I'm not spending what little disposible income I have on crap football.


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Cant blame you for feeling that way. While some may yawn, others get mad. The Cats are taking the "loveable loser" label too well.

another fair weather fan heard from.

Try to imagine who much I give a #$@!

8) WHO much ???? :wink:

Are we still doing this?

Fans do NOT have any obligation to spend their money on a team that has just been terrible. I'm sorry. I just can't buy into this "you either agree with us or you're not a true fan" BS that some on this site like to push. The gentleman who started the post has had it and many are getting there. You can still be a fan and be passionately angry with the team. Withdrawing your support shows that you actually do care about the team, rather than just going along with the get-along-gang.

Another poster was right - the rest of the league is laughing at us.


Is Hamilton ready to pull an "Ottawa" and think that by protesting front office moves and staying away from the stadium, they'll provide the impetus for the owner to change is losing ways?

Bob Young's doing the best he can. He brought in Printers, who everyone thought would be outstanding. He gave Taafe another chance, which very likely could have paid off. He brought in one of the best GMs in the CFL, despite this mysterious last move.

Never desert your team when they're in a financial crunch, there's absolutely no excuse.

hey just express how you feel next friday by wearing your own brown paper bag over your head, everybody i sit with is doing it...see http://www.paperbagfan.com/ for more info.....just $5 per bag....INCLUDES SHIPPING AND HANDLING!

oh bull. I can assure you that no one in winnipeg, toronto or BC is laughing, and very few others are.

Anybody who quits on their team when they are down are fair weather fans.

Withdrawing your support shows that you actually do care about the team
been a while since I read anything that rediculous.

Bye the way I know of about a dozen families who do not use this
web site who are not going to the next game simply because it is
too expensive to sit and be disappointed. They would rather go to
dinner and a movie with their family.

To hell with them all.

Its just been too brutal the last 3 years. We are way past the "fairweather fan" monikers. When 3 years in a row your have a worst winning percentage and put up on average less points then the last expansion team did in ist first year. Its beyond logic.

It is shocking to me that the same Bob Young who went after Marty York the way he did is so meek (to be polite) when faced with ineptitude by his football people.

Ok the team is not winning at least let the fans have a couple players they are attached to. They did their whole marketing and their peddling around four players. Then they trade one of the top two fan favourites Moreno (Lumsden being the other) for a Canadian ameateur draft pick ! This is so disrespectful to the fans that it is just plain inexcusable. Do you think Ted Turner or George Steinbrener would have let a guy on the job six months devalue their franchise like that?! No way in hell! Injuring your fans this way is just plain nuts. It isn't over yet. Imagine if Winnipeg grabs the other playoff spot and beats up on the Ticats along the way...

Bob's Koolaid drinking followers are being drowned out by one of the most angry fan base I can remember.

I would venture to say that with this move Obilovich has and will cost Young more money then he is paying Obilovich.

Between the gestapo inspections at the gate, the umbrella police, the bad food, the ticket price hickes, the public humiliations. Bob Young will not convince any talented football management, coach, player or otherwise to come and join this orgy of stupidity and disrespect.

After everything the fans went through Obilovich showed tremendous disrespect to the fans by dumping on of few players who was close to their heart.

Obilovich was supposed to bring in talent. He's done an awful job, beyond awful. Training camp they had 20 players less then established teams, Trades well knowlton for a draft pick who turned out to be Lumbala then there was Chang for nothing and now the Moreno deal. NFL cuts to add experience to the backfield and agreesion on LB and DE. NADA. He's done nothing. Now rewards failure by promoting a coordinator to HC who has not earned the position.

Yes Bob saved the franchise but the fans did their part as well. It is a partnership and it isn't the fans that failed this team. 35% of them have left, more will leave at season's end and those that give it one more year will do so with rebates to their season tickets.

This team will be no better next year then it is this year unless a major overhaul is done to this team from President on down and the replacements put in place proven winners. The only non player that deserves to keep his job is "Pigskin Pete". Bob Young better grow a pair because Marty York is showing he is a better reporter then Young a team owner and that is no small feat.

No matter what, I will never, ever, stop going to the games. I will gripe, whine, complain and yell until my voice box burns out, however. :wink:

Its called "Battered Wives Syndrom" Watch out for the popcorn as you grip, whine, complain and yell....LOL!

Not really, because a fair weather fan wouldnt even bother to post. Maybe not even bother to come to this site. They would probably move on to something else,and forget about the Cats. Anybody who is posting, no matter their opinion, truly cares about this team. That is the beauty of this forum: passionate discussion.

Easy there FYB, it’s not like BC fans are historically loyal. They had some major attendance problems for a few years.

Fairweather fans are ones who do not support their team unless a championship is a definite possibility (i.e. Florida Marlins fans, Seattle Seahawks, any southern NHL team). They won’t even support a .500 team.

From '04 (when Bob took over) to '07, the Ticats had a 21-50-1 record (a 12-42 record from '05 to '07). During that time we had excellent attendance, sometimes selling out or coming very close. If you would like to call that ‘fairweather’ then be my guest.

When Bob took over the team (and attendance was low previously), he said the fans are not to blame for not coming out. He equates football as a product or service that people spend money on. He said that if people are disappointed with a particular product, should they keep buying it or putting money into it?

Would you keep going to a restaurant with poor service, poorly cooked meat and flies in the drinks?

Or notoriously poor electronics equipment? Or a car that keeps breaking down?

Look, this is a blue-collar city with many people at or below the poverty line, sad to say. Many are on shoestring budgets. To ask them to spend money to go to a game, only to be constantly disappointed when they go… is that fair?

And yes, some people do have the disposable income, and still choose not to come. But that’s their choice. They should not be guilted (by fellow ticat fans or others around the league) into buying a ticket. It’s their choice. Stay out of it.

As the previous owners found out, the more you pressure (or guilt) Hamiltonians to come out to games, the more you’ll push us away. Our players may be pushovers, but we’re not.

Besides, if we keep getting sellouts, what does that tell the organization? Will that motivate them to put a winning product on the field? For your answer, ask any Leaf fan.

I, for one, love this team, and have the disposable income to keep renewing my season tickets, and will do so next year and the year after. But not through a moral obligation or through a sense of guilt.

In a city the size of Hamilton, when a restaurant goes out of business there are still many other restaurants to choose from.

If the Ticats go out of business, there will be no other pro football team in the city.

It's not a matter of guilt, it's a matter of fact: if there aren't enough people paying to come to the games, eventually there won't be a team at all.

Besides, if we keep getting sellouts, what does that tell the organization? Will that motivate them to put a winning product on the field? For your answer, ask any Leaf fan.
this kind of statement is a real insult to BY. If I was him, I would say to hell with you all and fold the team and walk away and just cut my losses. Wouldnt even try to sell.

How dare anyone assume that BY needs empty seats to motivate him to do whatever you think he is not doing already to field a winning team?

I dont know what BY actually gets involved in, but as an owner all he really should be doing is choosing a presidentGM and leave everything up to him. BY should not be involved in any of these day to day issues of trades or even the hiring and firing of coaches.