I love you all...

We're going to the Grey Cup..

Woooooohoooooooooo.. :rockin:

Nothing else more to say. :rockin:

It's been too long. These last 14 years have been tough. Since I was young (6) when we last got to the Grey Cup, I don't ever remember a winning team like this in Hamilton.

Couldn't be more proud, after sticking by them, to finally be going to the Grey Cup!

((And Hedley's playing... I love Hedley. :lol: ))

Woooo! I was 6 years old too. To me this is almost like seeing my Tiger-Cats having a winning season and a Grey Cup berth for the first time. I have never been in the presence of an atmosphere as special as what went on at the Rogers Centre today. The support from our fans was incredible! I can say I was one of them, cheering or defence and initiating chants. I can hardly speak now having lost my voice and I'm f--king proud of it! Proud of my team!!!