I Love Wilbur!

I've developed a serious man-crush on this guy after he saved the game with his last line of defense tackle on Owens to secure the victory but more importantly left the Argos reeling in defeat and it was no easy sure thing against a guy who can move, like Owens. What a difference a play makes. Only Wilbur's plays save games and not cost them like Palardy did. What a pleasant relief Wilbur is. :thup:

Wilbur's tackle takes on greater importance when you consider the Cats cover team was one man short. He also made the first tackle against the Bombers at Ivor Wynn. It is nice having an athlete as a kicker. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Agreed 100%, the TSN panel should question Shultz on Wilbur's performance so far.

I can't figure out what Thigpen was doing on the far side of the field, he looked like he was gonna come off then he stayed on then off, very weird.

I didn't notice that, but I know someone else saw that. The Argos appeared to be angry with the officials on the last play of the game, in particular, I noticed Boreham was going on to the refs about something. Possibly we had the wrong number of players on the field when the ball was kicked off and this was related to the Thigpen incident.

Certainly was a gutsy performance by Wilbur. I hope he fully recovers before Labour Day. We need him back on kick-offs. If he didn't make that tackle, it appeared there were two other TiCats who could have made the play, but you never know.

He may be the lowest rated punter in Madden 10 :lol:
but this guy plays with heart and passion, and that IMO puts him ahead of ALOT of punters.Could be a keeper :thup: