I love watching Jesse play but...........

why is it evertime Jesse has a huge game coming up he is injured.
Mac in semis against Laurier
Preseason game with Seattle
Preseason game with Washington(his last chance to show himself off) was let go right after game
Labourday game this year and following game

The Laurier game was disturbing as MAC would have won with him and went to the National Semis. He sat out because he did not to risk further injury because he knew he would be playing in the Blue/Gray game in the States one month later.

wanker, you're saying he sat out because
he did not to want risk further injury

because he knew he would be playing
in the Blue/Gray game in the States


Fiction writing is great, wank,
you can make up almost anything.

If you have facts to back your statement up,
please state the authority you are quoting

otherwise I'll assume what you said is fiction.

Fact, he played in the Blue/Gray game 1 month later and looked good

Bad luck.

I wouldn't rank the Labour Day [note: TWO words] game as being "huge." I think if you care to remember how the shoulder was injured, or the fact that he was playing with a virus for several weeks--including his great game against Winnipeg--then you should realize you're misrepresenting things. He's had some awesome games, and yet he was only running the ball 7-8 times. His injury is most unfortunate and I hope he gets well soon. It's too bad he wasn't in there with Chang; I think things would have turned out quite differently.

I can't wait for Jesse to get full health back, and play with, say, Printers (with a good allotment of practice reps-it would be premature to hope for this on the 15th!) and the OLine with Charon and Hudson healthy and playing...lets toss Caulley into the backfield with them...all of a sudden those "screens" and "outs" start to let Brock Ralph and company get deep and open...and Printers can "rifle" that ball...Our defence should be seeing a lot less time on field, and with the new hulk of a DE in camp and some new skills in the DBacks...there is "hope" to be had....
Thanks be to the fans that continue to buy tickets and show faith, and an Owner that has the guts to "re-invest" the ducat money in the team.

Criticism, not lemmings forking out money to watch sub-standard football, is what has made these recent changes possible.

Here is an interesting tidbit about his health that ran in the Spec recently.

...It is the fall of 1999. For the boys who play for Nelson -- such as running back Jesse Lumsden and his buddy and quarterback Jonnie Behie -- it is a unique experience wearing the red and gold under the Friday night lights.

They will never forget it. The best of times.

Retching. Vomiting. Hear the guttural sounds coming from the players' bathroom. It is Jesse, in his football pants and cleats, bent over a toilet, heaving.

Some Nelson players joke about it, and expect it. Jess is sick before every game. Every one.

Night games were the worst for his nerves. For day games, at least Jesse could keep his mind occupied in class, then it was straight to the locker room, suit up. Still got sick, but there wasn't the same drawn out pressure of a night game, when you made it through classes but had to wait around several hours for kickoff, the anxiety building inside Jesse Lumsden with every tick of the clock.

Where did that come from? He is not the first athlete to get sick before games....

.....As for the nerves, most of the time at Mac, Jesse still got sick before games. It worried Neil, who never got sick before games when he played.

As he had at Nelson, Neil gave Jesse words of encouragement in person before every game, and a hug.

Jesse turned to an old high school friend for help. Jon Behie's father, Norm, counselled Jesse, helped him examine the roots of the anxiety, talked him down from it.

Rather than listen to heart-pounding rock music before kickoff like other players seeking to get pumped up, Jesse put mellow jazz and blues on his iPod, trying to settle his nervous energy.....

Jesse runs with a high pad level. It makes one a bigger target, while allowing for him to be more of a wrecking ball while running. It's a debate among football recruiters about the need to get a bigger RB to try to lower his pad level.

You do not want to tinker too much with success. Say what one may about OJ Simpson now, but on the field he was one of the most graceful running backs I've ever seen. Running with a high centre of gravity and hurdling tacklers at times with a powerful highstep, he eventually broke down with knee problems. Once he couldn't elude guys, he was done.

Jim Brown? Big man who ran lower than his natural pad level. His capacity to spin off would-be tacklers at full speed with his legs churning is the stuff of legend. Nice straight arm too. LOL His use of his shoulders in rolling off hits while driving probably evolved from his basketball and lacrosse days. What could one face? A knee, shoulder, or forearm. Have a nice day? LOL

Brown and Cookie Gilchrist were the TWO prototypical running fullbacks ever, IMHO. Human locomotives.

Eric Dickerson often ran almost straight up and was eventually broken down. John Riggins suffered a series of injuries with the Jets but rebounded to have a long, storied career capped off with Super Bowl glory with the Redskins. Both men ran with a high pad level. It can break both ways.

Rushers with a lower centre of gravity and a lower pad level tend to last longer. If you take leg injuries out of the analysis, they tend to be significantly more durable. Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith were not puny by any stretch, but they ran low to the ground as they lowered their pad level. Lowering their centres of gravity permitted them to absorb hits to the shoulders and upper body better than a RB who runs higher (not a Ricky Williams reference LOL).

Oski Wee Wee,

Just when you thought you've read it all on here...

without those “lemings forking out money” you wouldn’t have a team to watch and a forum to bitch on…remember that.

1-9, and the fear the so-called lemmings might cliff it OUT OF IWS, did the trick. So did Marcel's management of the SMS to allow for Printers's big bonus money, which blew the good ship Argonaut out of the water.

Criticism? Have you counted how many threads have been written here since 2003? ROTFLMFAO!

Giving oneself airs doesn't help. Gravity works equally well on a lemming or a pixel-stained wretch on ticats.ca (present company included).

The NFL cuts have occurred. Practice rosters just EXPANDED. That's why there's movement at a greater pace now than before. In a rebuilding program, duh.

Oski Wee Wee,

Gardisten wrote: "It's too bad he(Jesse) wasn't in there with Chang; I think things would have turned out quite differently."

Gardisten: Not for Chang.

With the exception of the part in bold I agree with your statements above.

I'm curious why you think the game would have turned out differently with Lumsden in the game. We ran the ball well against the Argo's with Cauley and Davis.

Were you expecting to see Lumsden rush for 3 TD's or something?

Well, let's see, the Cats ran the ball 29 times, for a total of c. 140 yards, right? None of these runs were big, along the lines of what Lumsden has done on occasion. No, I wasn't expecting Lumsden to "rush for 3 TD's or something..." but the likelihood of him doing so is greater than with Davis or Caulley. It would have changed the dynamic of the game, likely would have had a positive influence on Chang.

so you figured he would rush over a 150? i dont know if he could handle a work load of 29 carries. hes already hurt and he runs the ball about 8 times a game.

lumsden needs to make a few phone calls to eddie george, brandon jacobs, willis mcgahee and other tall RBs for advice on how to lower his pad level, and run with with speed, in order to avoid injuries.

apparently we just need to get him a cape.

He didn't play in the Blue/Gray game one month later. He played in the East/West Shrine Game in January. Where he was the best running back in that game. If you knew this guy like I do you would NEVER say this crap again because they had to hide his equipment to keep him from playing in the Semis against Laurier.