I love this League!

Hey Brady your in on the best kept secret in sports ... Welcome. I believe you picked a very interesting year to watch the CFL. Looks like parity all round and lots of exciting football to come

Fog Bowl was WPG Hamilton and was played over two day if Iam correct. The staple thing was Montreal VS Edm The Als smoked the Eskies by apply staples to there shoes while the eskies saw the game"slip" away. I might be off on thses so please correct me on the facts.

Welcome! We are somewhat nice here most times. I'll try to explain how things are. I know some might disagree but don't listen to them. When you look in the sky you will see different layers of buzzards circling around. These buzzards are from mostly west of Manitoba. High above the buzzards is a squadron of Blue Bombers glittering in the sun. They're the one you should make your own.

Its nice to have you Brady. As many others have said you chose a great year to tune in with the league being very even this year.

Its a really fast paced league and really anything can happen in including some stuff youd never see in the NFL like a wide receiver punting the ball in mid field after making a catch. Or a missed field goal or intercepted 2 point convert returned for a touchdown.

You definitely picked a prime weekend to tune in because this mas by far the best weekend in the CFL that I can remember.... unfortunately the Riders lost, but life goes on. It was an exciting finish at least. It is weekends like this I wish I was outside looking in with no real affiliation so I could just enjoy it for what it is and not have something like a Rider loss put a (ever so) slight damper on the excitement. Welcome aboard anonxforum.

Go Riders!!

yes, it's good to be me, with no favorite team.

Are you sure those buzzards arent circling the Bombers? :wink:

another person joins the CFL family, welcome, mate!

Ah Sambo, Just a few more weeks and I know we will have you as our best fan. The day after Labour Day sounds about right. Can't wait to be able to say " Com'on bro, let's go for a beer and talk about Stegal". Yes?

:wink: You know the CFL is great when even Tom Brady himself says the NFL playoffs don't bring as much enjoyment as a CFL regular season game.

You know, with the new CFL webcast feature, they should make those classics available. I would definately pay to see them.

welcome to the forums

are you egging me on? :o can you post the link to that, mate?


Frist game on prime time American TV.

sure, it's right here:


first post.

:roll: :lol:

great to have you aboard Brady..
Are you planning on attending any games?
The Grey Cup comes to Toronto in 2007 should be a great one

This thread should be stickied just cause it's so PERFECT!
Everything you ALL said is right on.
Great weekend last week, Great year in perspective and it's the best sport to watch!!
Welcome aboard the CFL bandwagon, it's a bumpy ride but it makes it a lot more exciting!