I love this League!

Greetings Canadians!

My name is Brady, and I live in Boston. I heard about the C.F.L before, but believe it or not, I only saw my first game this week! I saw 2 as a matter of fact, and I thought it was way more exciting then a N.F.L playoff game.

I saw my first game on Thursday night, a bunch of buddies decided to watch it, it was Edmonton vs Winnepeg. I still can't believe the finish, 100 yard play to win the game. I also heard the comentators speaking of the previous game, involving Montreal, and the final score was like 40-38.

And today, I saw they were playing another game, Saskatoon vs Toronto. I was watching it because I liked what I saw in the Edm.Win game, and also I heard Ricky Williams and Eric Crouch were apart of the Toronto team. Unfortunately, Ricky got injured and fortunately, Wyn got injured and saw Crouch play. A great finish, straight to the end, and like the commentator said, in the C.F.L, it's never over until it says 00:00 on the clock.

Also, the CFL uniforms are a lot better than the NFL's.

Great game. My 2 first games were exciting games. I will definately be keeping my eye out on my T.V for other CFL games!


WELCOME and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not every game is great up here , but allot are very close.

Awesome! You picked a good week to become a CFL fan and watch the CFL.

LOL It appears I did!

Us Canucks are a little nuts up here. Watch your head as you come in the door :wink: :lol:

Wait until you see the games in a cold Canadian winter in NOVEMBER :o :lol:

We have had an ICE BOWL , SNOW BOWL , A MUD BOWL...ect...

One of my boddies were telling me about a Fog Bowl during a championship game. And also champions winning on a sheet of ice, their strategy involved a staple gun :o

Welcome anonxforum, you got it right a faboulous entertaining best sports package around.

Thank you so much. I also have to mention how great it is, that the people are able to talk football, from all over the league.

In the NFL forums, people get death threats, insults if you cheer for another team, its really disgusting.

Here, it seems everyone gets along, for the most part.

You guys rock!

:lol: :lol: You have not met the bomber fans have you!

YES , YES , YES , how could I forget that 1. DOH , EH?

Believe it or not THE FOG BOWL had to be played over 2 days.

With about 7 minutes left , the game was stopped and the FOG wouldn’t go away. So the next day the last 7 minutes were played. NO ONE SCORED. :lol:

The ICE BOWL was in MONTREAL and it was a sheet of ice. Yes , the staple gun was used by 1 team who won in a blow out.

In THE MUD BOWL , some one almost died. After a big hit a player was hit and he was uncon. He was face down in a puddle and he almost drowned.

In THE SNOW BOWL , there was a huge snow blizzard all game. The snow was falling vertically , but the 2 teams together still scored over 80 points. :o

These games were all our CHAMPIONSHIP’S , THE GREY CUP

The first GREY CUP was played in 1909! :thup:

WOW :o

Such history! What is there to say about the NFL... :roll:

Well last year a team came from behind, 14 points to win a game by a field goal in overtime... :lol:

I know its only the first 2 games you have watched, but the team isnt Saskatoon, its Saskatchewan-- just thought I would correct you on that, but welcome and enjoy the CFL--the most exciting football league anywhere!!

O0o0o its saskatchewan? I didnt even know that.

That was 1 of the best GREY CUP's ever. We have been lucky with those games most years.

I hope you saw that game?

The NFL knows how to sell itself very well , the CFL does not.

I watch the NFL as well , but it is a running game , and the CFL is a passing game because of only 3 downs.

You guys also missed another exciting game, the early one on Thursday. Montreal over Hamilton in a classic down to the wire with a whopping 79 points scorred. Edge of the seat excitement.
Stick around all year and by the end you may need a pace maker.

:P :P

Thanks a bunch. I'll be sure to not make that mistake again :rockin:

you don't want to do that. they know where you live. :wink: :lol: :lol:

Welcome to the CFL, anonxforum! By the way, every weekend in the CFL is a good weekend! The CFL features far more games that come down to the wire, and the rules allow for more wild finishes, since it is much, much harder to kill the clock at the end of a game than it is in the NFL.

welcome anonx, hope you keep watching CFL, very fun league to watch, because its like 80% passing and the drives are about a minute long (2 minutes if they march down the field and score a td, lol). its also kinda great that our season starts over 2 months before the NFL, so its like the only football on TV during the summer. :smiley: