CRAIG YEAST IS THE MAN!!!! D.J. FLICK RULES!!!! NOTHING ELSE MATTERS IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW BECAUSE WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ENJOY this...................the ARGOS on LABOUR DAY...........WILL BE JUST AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the exception of the sucky new logo, the Cats rock, there my favoite in the awesome East, and I'm glad that they finally won a game, but I'm pissed that it was against my team.

Bombers rule!

We have confidence now. I will never take back what I have said about McManus, but I will respect that he played a great game of football tonight. What Danny did was make me shut my mouth for at leasts one week. Now if the Defence and the Offence can both show up on the same day, we could have a pretty good second half run. And I know what your are thinking and yes, I am only shooting off my mouth because we finally won but I don't care because this week we are WINNERS!!

Congrats, Ticats on your first win, the better team won tonight, no question about it.

It's soooooo sweet seeing out Logo on the "Top Stories" box for the first time because we won. And Kanga, you know I got nothin' but love for ya' but I like our new logo alot! lol

Maybe a updated version of the old one, one that looks like a cross beteew a Tiger and a Wildcat. the new one looks WAY too much like a Tiger. NOT GOOD!

the new logo is awesome...

too bad the tiger-cats had to spoil winnipegs playoff-drive...that winnipeg win against ottawa now seems pointless as it didnt help winnipeg get into the 3rd spot.....damn, why did hamilton's first win have to come against the bombers?!?!?!

Right on Yeast#5........... I know you have a rough season so far... its nice to see Hamilton get the monkey off there back, especially for there great fans

You got that right! Ticats rule!!!!

Hey Westwood.. how do you like that??! Two weeks ago you said losing to the Ticats would be the worst thing in the world. Hope there's enough kleenex in the world to wipe up those tears!!

Any thing can happen on LABOUR DAY..............the ARGOS are coming!

Whats with all the trash talk from you pussys now that you won a game. Nobody on this forum kicked you in the nuts when you were 0 for 2005, shut the fuck up or I will personally it make it my goal to shit on you pussys every chance I get for the rest of the season.

are we O.K?

imagine if hamilton beats the argos back-to-back.....they'd have 6 points and be right back in the playoff picture....

but that wont happen!

maybe 1 win , but not 2.

Hey man, did I say something wrong. I thought I was just trying to express my joy of winning. I don't think I'm better than anyone. At least that was not my intent.

. . .thinkin' you might have been a bit out of line there, Pigseye. . .wow. . .who crapped in your krispies?

Boy piggy take it easyyou losing your control of thought! Totally out of character. Yeast is the guy that does not go around rubbing it really!

That was a decent game. I think Ti-Cat fans have earned the right to gloat a little. . .excellent on you!

This game and win is great for FOOTBALL in HAMILTON..........and makes the LABOUR DAY game.........vs. the ARGOS.............allot more interesting.