I love listening to "The Waggle" (official CFL podcast)

I have been listening to The Waggle for a couple of years. Recently, I have to say that the podcast just keeps getting better. Donnovan Bennett, now by himself, is growing better and better. In Episode 249 he noted “...from a football perspective...”. In these times when sportscasters and podcasters would say “football-wise” it is so refreshing to hear someone as eloquent as him. For gosh sakes he used the word “assimilation”. Then, to make things even better in the episode, you have Duane Forde. These two gentlemen turn in a podcast that is almost Shakespearean. Thank you. The English language lives.


Welcome to the forums, @MikeyV60! Hah, yeah, Donnovan is a gem, the league is lucky to have him.

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