I love it when writers prove they're morons

I think it's fine the way it is.

The guy is obviously a jerk, and clearly has not done his homework before writing that drivel. Had he done so, he would have found out that the league changed the rules precisely because the coaches were telling the kickers to forget about their averages and kick the ball out of bounds to limit the chance of any return. It was taking one of the most exciting parts of the CFL game out of the game, and the fans were getting sick of it. And the league responded in kind. And good for them for doing so.

That said, somehow over the past few years 80% of CFL punters still had 40 yard averages and some like Prefontaine have typically had better than 45 yard averages. This in a league where a 100 punt season is the norm. Not too shabby in my books.

This guy's editor should also be critisized for allowing that horrible piece of sports 'news' to be printed. I tried to find out how to e-mail a letter to the editor but couldn't find it. Anyone know?

you gotta love how completely wrong he is on the ruling of shanked punts...


so how the deuce does it work that the net punt is 0 yards? the team must re-kick and if they re-kick and shank again well 10 yards back again.

this guy sounds like he wants a nice little NFL with the fair catch rule because both CFL rules he has issues with are to encourage Kick/Punt returns, which is a key difference of football above and below the border.

If he wants NFL/NCAA football go down south.

He should have included the incessantly long commercial breaks in the NFL along with his NBA bash.

And as far as the rouge goes, I like it. It adds so much more dimension to the kicking game and offers some interesting options for strategy. Especially in the final minutes of a close game.