I've read through most of the posts by now and the high percentage of fans/posters are not impressed with the Rocky BUTLER trade. But I LOVE IT!!!!

1st Reason - The players on this team are LOSERS! While they all have talent, there is no cockiness or confidence with the players that are here. They dont believe they can win. WE NEED OUR SWAGGER BACK AND NO ONE HERE NOW IS CAPABLE OF DOING THAT.

2nd Reason - The new players had better perform or they're gone... a great message to send to slackers...where are you now Craig YEAST. NO MORE INMATES RUNNING THE ASYLUM.

3rd Reason - Every good CFL team needs a CAPABLE backup QB. Butler is immediately our #2 guy and we still have a chance to win if J.MAAS goes down or stinks again. EAKIN was brutal last year and R.WILLIAMS is a project.

4th reason - FLICK, W.SMITH, CHEATWOOD, COTTON, and whoever else, were LANCASTER/MARSHALL guys. TAAFFE is a smart coach and will have good players and leaders in place to replace them.

5th and Final Reason - Because Im sick and tired of losing and whatever the Cats were doing before wasn't working. DRASTIC TIMES CALL FOR DRASTIC MEASURES....


Well said...I would take the players left and the new players brought in that are ready to ball for the Tabbies. Change is tough but change is what we need. Whether you are for the trade or not there is not arguement that Cats fans are the most dedicated and emotional fans in the league.


All the reactions kill me.

This team needs big changes. We were promised big changes. We're gretting big changes.

Good job Marcel.

I'm eager to see what happens when the free agent market opens for business.

Long way to go yet folks.

I can't wait fot this season to start!

Can't wait to see the other changes that will occur before and during TC.

So THIS is what it's like to have a professional GM running a football team! I like it!

Bottom line…I couldn’t agree with you more. The free agent period just got a whole lot more interesting with the cap room created here. Great job guys!

We've lost for years with this crew ,time to build a new team especially after allegations of quiting last year backed up by what looked like the same on the field.
That is reason enough for change.

Mostly we just needed another QB who can play when Jason goes down and they cost good players to get,simple as that. :cowboy:
Hows about we start developing QB's .....?
Mmmmmm you ask yourself ,what is that?
Never heard of that round these parts partner....

Very true quote up there, whoknows, "Cats fans are the most dedicated and emotional fans in the league"........you can tell that just from how active this Board is compared to all the other teams' boards in here; every day there are lots of postings and lots of topics for the Tigercats....truly shows what a wonderful fan base your team has. Kudos to all.

All of these guys cut or traded are older, expesive, and/or have a rep for being negative in the locker room (although who wouldn't be last year?). Tay Cody - you're on deck, buddy.

Who will they trade him for?

Putting my ticat fan hat on: What's wrong with Tay? I would have thought we could all agree that Tay was one of the players we want to keep.

But as others have pointed out Ticat fans are pretty passionate so there will always be competing opinions on -any- topic.

But I am curious: what are your concerns with Tay?

i was wondering the same thing...

tay is one of the best players on the tabbie roster.

Tay has the cockiness that a DB needs. He has to be able to go out there and know he will make the play.

He does need to work on his coverage skills a bit, but that could also have been from an ineffective pass rush as well. i personally think tay is a stellar. (It helps that he went to FSU)

Personally, I'd say Tay Cody was the steal of the decade in that trade, and would be about the only guy on the roster I'd guarantee not to trade.

Keep Tay Cody, Lumsden, Holmes and one or two others. The rest are all replaceable and/or expendable.

Great thread, finally some optimism around here!

i agree with the post above!

( unfortunatly, i woulda said cotton and cheatwood as untouchables )

From our current roster, I feel the following players are building blocks for the future...(in no specific order)

  1. T. Cody - Only playmaker we have on D
  2. J. Lumsden - Loads of potential and marketing tool
  3. J. Radlein - Hasnt been used properly but prototypical all around fullback
  4. B. Ralph - Again, not used properly, but his speed is 2nd to none
  5. A. Barrenchea - as a weak side linebacker
  6. A. Collier - Fequently overlooked and outperformed both Cheatwood and COtton in limited time

In terms of free agents, I wouldn't mind seeing the Cats take a hard look at the following players:

  1. Jamal Richardson WR - Sask 6'3 207
  2. Ryan Thelwell WR - BC 6'2 190
  3. Rahim Abdullah DE/LB 6'5 277
    But the free agent crop this year doesnt have many players that are gonna make a huge impact.

In terms of players currently on other teams rosters that I'd love to see in Black n Gold:

  1. J. Pottinger - LB - BC
  2. A. Braidwood - DE - EDM
  3. M. Robede - DE - CLG
  4. A. Gauthier - LT - CLG
  5. S. Schultz - DT - SASK
  6. G. Walls - DE - WPG
  7. A. Bruce - WR - T.O. (but never happening)
8) D. Stala - WR - Mtl

IMO, Tay was our best player last year.

His consistently strong efforts showed a high degree of progessionalism I thought.

Bottomline - good call the 6 guys you named on the roster are all keepers. I mentioned Richardsons name before too. He was having a career year before he was injured. Adding Abdullah would give us another proven pass rusher opposite Collier. If we could get our hands on Stala I’d be the first one in line for his jersey. Braidwood and Shultz would be great but I think we’re dreaming a bit there.

I also agree with what marcel is doing - Im excited to see how things unfold. We need change and it is happening. Im glad he is following his vision and not listening to popular opion.