I Love Hamilton

I Love Hamilton

First off, I am not from Hamilton, but I love this city. I lived in Stoney Creek from the age of 6 months to 7 years old but then moved to Windsor and that became my "home".


There are so many things that I love about this place. Coming to visit always makes me happy. I have since left Windsor and moved FURTHER away but I always try to come to the Steeltown a few times a year.

Here is what I love about Hamilton!

  • The Tiger-Cats! (that's a tad bit obvious)
  • It's a Blue Collar town. I have worked hard for the fortunes in my life and the people of Hamilton are the same way. This city was built on hardwork and sweat. I applaud hard work.
  • Tim Horton's baby! How can you not love a city that started such a great coffee place?!?
  • Location. If you need to go to Toronto... it's right there. If you want to go to the US... it's right there.
  • The "Mountain". I think it's neat. Though the Rockies are much nicer, and actual Mountains, the "mountain" here is a nice little feature to the city.
  • IWS. I love it. I like the old feel, the "tough" feel and the atmosphere is second to none. I've only seen game at IWS, McMahon Stadium and The Concrete Toilet Bowl in T.O. but of the three IWS wins hands down.

There's much more but I don't want to write a book!

See ya at the game!

Nicely Said.

Great thread Rusty!

Let's also remind people that Hamilton is clearly the Waterfall Capital of the World


I'm also a huge fan of the Rail Trails, Bruce Trail and all the walking trails and Conservation Areas we are blessed with...... Gage Park also!

The Waterfront and the list goes on. Born and raised 3rd generation and I have traveled the world but always come home to the Hammer.

Hamilton is one Ontario's best kept secrets :lol: