I love Halloween!

I just love the imagery associated with Halloween. I love the jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, witches, black cats, bats, owls, ravens, rats, scarecrows, skeletons and gravestones!



Well of course you do, look at your avatar. Lol. :spider_web::jack_o_lantern:

I like all those things that you posted. Iā€™m not a fan of pranks/vandalism that come with it lol

And I love the decor items associated with Halloween such as these Beistle die-cuts:

The blow molds:

The Gurley candles:

And I love all the tacky kids' costumes that were sold in Woolworth, Kresge, Zellers, Metropolitan and other five-and-dime stores in the 20th century:

And those five-and-dime stores ran fabulous ads for their Halloween costumes and candy in local newspapers!


And I love the trick or treating!

Both the shelling out and devouring of the leftovers (supplemented by any deeply discounted sale stock from local stores!

The MAN used to dole out one of the small bags of Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips that were sold in Halloween boxes of 25:

When the Humpty Dumpty name brand disappeared in 2006 he switched to Cheetos:

And these comparatively new Old Dutch Popcorn Twists:

In addition, he's been giving out Halloween boodle bags with several of the following items:

Oh Henry! has been our favourite chocolate bar since Neilson Sweet Marie was discontinued some ten years ago.


Those PopEye cigarettes got me addicted to the real thing at an early age .

Just kidding .

Rockets are a staple of halloween treats but I never liked the halloween kiss they were so hard and could pull your fillings out .

There was always someone giving out soda pop cans to wash it all down .

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We've added a couple of other details to our Halloween traditions over the last fifteen years or so. The first is pizza as we wait for the arrival of trick or treaters. Bacon, ham, mushroom and onion with extra cheese is our favourite ingredient combo:

Plus a colourful Halloween cake like this one from a few years ago:

We often wait until the last minute before getting the cake because they're usually marked down late in the day. We got this year's Halloween cake after it was marked down 50% at Loblaws.



That pizza looks great, who makes it, or is that an image off the interweb.

BTW I'll let Elf babysit your cat.....

Buy the cake last minute........ as do I. Your probably over 50, yes?

Web image. My go-to place for pizza is Diamond Pizza a mom-and-pop operation at Main Street and Lumsden Avenue in Toronto.

Yes. The older you get, the tighter(more value conscious) you get!


Usually when the adult children show up for a free homemade meal, I have to peel off the reduce sticker, otherwise they make strange faces.

Little do they know how many other food items were reduce as well..........Shhh... don't tell them.

I was grabbing an Old Dutch Popcorn Twist bag out of the box in which they came plus candies including Rockets out of two different plastic Halloween buckets yesterday evening. One little boy who was equipped with a proper old-fashioned pillow case said "Oh boy! Could I have some of those?" when he spotted the Rockets. I now wish I'd given him a little handful since we only got seven trick or treaters the whole evening.

I really like the Love Hearts as well but they aren't sold in shell-out sizes:

Best of all are NECCO wafers but they're only sold in Canada through specialty candy shops such as Sugar Mountain and Tutti Frutti which means at a premium price.