I Love Football

Here I am sitting at my computer, in my room with the NFL network on my TV in the background, on the CFL website writing this post. I should be studying for my Philosophy, Economics and Psych finals that are all back to back, but I am too excited with the thought of Football in general to give a rats ass about a Philosophy exam that’s tomorrow.

Football is the best sport in the world that requires a toughness, and certain level of intelligence and athleticism to play. It is a true TEAM sport, with a true range of diversity in all aspects of the word. Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, etc, dont even come close. Its the number 1 sport in all of North America.

Its exactly the middle of April and I wish there were a preseason game this weekend, I have a good feeling about this year, regardless that the draft hasn’t even come. I trust Hervey with returning this franchise to greater glory and am most excited with our QB battle which will happen, watching JC rack up 100+ tackles, see Stamps catch a few game winning TDs, etc.

Its going to be a good season and I am more than excited for it, playoff bound already.

Now I should really start studying… :wink: