I look forward to the day

although I probably wont still be around, when they have some kind of way, possible in the chemical makeup of the stripes, to tell by way of an electronic device, when the ball has been moved 3 inches back from the line of scrimmage at the beginning of each play. At the same time, they would have some kind of way of electronically telling if an offensive player has scrossed the line before the ball moves back the 3 inches. Of course, a computer would compare the time on both to see which happened first.

Either that, or keep all presnap movement to be no closer than one yard from the line of scrimmage. That way, a ref could use his own judgement and hopefully could not fail to see if a player actually crossed the line of scrimmage before the ball moved. If a someone thought the player was actually within the 1 yard but clearly not across the line, it would be no big deal if not called.

So thus FootbalYouBet you are in Question about the Wideout/inside receivers in running/flight motion?; in essense they appear to be offside (however) to the naked eye prior to the snap of the ball.

I say leave it alone...

the only thing I think would be good for having a computer verifying anything is when they score a TD.

the line would be able to tell us if a TD was indeed scored or not.

I agree with this.

I really couldn’t care much less if a receiver is a quarter yard offside. If it’s a yard or more, it’s usually pretty noticeable and called by the refs. If it’s a quarter yard or a half yard or something, I think it’s probably still caught most of the time, and even if it’s not I don’t see it as a big problem.

As some others said, I don't mind a chip/gps/computer system to verify scores, be it TD or FG (if the ball is above the uprights), but as for the other stuff...its football, not a video game.