I lol at the local media and fans

Every year it seems there is another QB getting injured in BC. Some years, a few get knocked out. All ya have to do is have a look at the Lions forum and see for yourself. Its ALWAYS the QB. Now, as with many other sports, one player can help make another look good/bad. I think this is exactly what is happening here. Too bad nobody here can/will think about that.

For years we have had bad O-Lines at best. At worst, they may as well not be there. Because of this, our QBs have paid the price. I can't help but think how Burris, Ray or Calvillo would perform or stay healthy under these conditions. What has been amazing is we have generally kept a reasonable run game going. Now, it looks like that our run game is not doing so great, which means we have a 1 dimensional offense.

I know there aren't many Printers fans (anymore) but how would any other QB do with an O-Line who can't protect him and no run game to rely on? And this guy can run. Nobody can deny that. So many are itching to rip on Printers, but they won't look at the whole picture. Yeah he's not doing anything great, however under the conditions, I think he's doing not too bad.

Also, remember how Simon dropped that pass in the endzone? There's the win. I doubt any of this carp would be brought up if we won last friday. I really hate the media and most of the sports fans here.

im with you 100% on this one.

Even when the Lions dominated the West Division, our O-line was very suspect. You're absolutely correct,

To me the best way to judge a QB, RB, SB or whatever is to watch them play a game when healthy where they SHOULD do well. If a reciever constantly drops great passes all game while healthy, he gets punted. Same with a QB or whoever.

Buuuut, that doesn't make a good story. I guess with old media dying, they're even more desperate for a story and to stay relevant.

well, I sure wish Rogers Media would die.