I live in the American South, I want to learn your game

This thread has made me smile. Nice to know I’m not the only Southron with a taste for 3 down football. I’ve actually been a fan for a while now. My interest was piqued as a teenager when Joe Theismann turned down the NFL to sign with Toronto. About that time the local TV station started carrying a condensed version of a CFL game on Thursday night, so I became a fan. The glory days were my college years, when ESPN carried one or two games a week. Moon, Holloway, Clements, Brock, Paopao. Man, there were some great QBs in the league back then.

I got started back following the Argos again this year thanks to the ESPN app. I’m actually streaming it to my TV via Roku using Plex. That makes for a much more enjoyable experience than trying to watch on my laptop screen. One suggestion I would make is to check out the radio broadcasts online. The TSN guys are OK, but there are several announcers calling CFL games that I could listen to for hours. Just like here in the states, you get a different perspective from listening to the local broadcast than you do to the network announcers.

I wonder if I’m taking things too far, though. I’m scheduled to be off work next Monday so I can sit on my behind and watch football all day.

Doesn't sound too far at all. I would suggest going further and making it up to see the big game in November. I'm sorry that you will have to watch your boatmen get torpedoed this week though. The Riders are in town and they like to play rough.

Calgary, driest city in Canada, in the middle of nowhere with no lake or anything. Ok Edmonton and Winnipeg are close by as to landlocked ie. boring cities and of course the almighty Regina. :lol:

And little ol' Hamilton with Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment right smack in the middle, albeit a tad blue collar which I love BTW, fits in with James St. North here and the arts motive, beats the crap out of the cities I mentioned as to where I'd like to live. :wink:

Seriously, how can house prices be so high out west in your landlocked cities that have nothing around them but prairie land? No thanks. :wink:

I'd love to make it to Toronto this year for the 100th Grey Cup, but work gets in the way. That's a holiday weekend here and it's tough to get folks to switch off. Maybe next year.

BTW, the guys who do Riders games on CKRM are some of the ones I'm especially fond of. I've been known to fire up TuneIn radio http://tunein.com/, turn the sound down on the TV broadcast, and listen to Rod and Carm describe the action. I highly recommend the experience to folks who are new to the league. Heck, I think I'd be willing to listen to Bob Irving (Winnipeg broadcaster) read out of the phone book.

Reckon I need to buy Billy a virtual beer so he'll have something to cry in on Monday. :smiley:

Mikey, check out the Eskimos.

I've been a fan since 2009 when I was in Philadelphia, and I moved to the Tampa Bay area in August 2010 and have not looked back since. When there is a game on I want to watch, I find it online and often post the link here in the game thread.

You are in a great part of Florida, and I have family about two hours east on the beach as well.

Welcome the CFL forum, and believe me the play can be much better than it has been overall this season too.

Also Canadians are absolutely fine people too!

Esks are a good fan base overall! You almost can't go wrong picking a CFL team, every team has its bad guys and good guys, Riders have a huge following, and have a lot of bad fans that stick out, but overall, great fan base as well.

CFL is a fun league to watch, I can't watch the NFL as much as i used to, the game speed doesn't seem to be as high. And as a former player, I LOVE special teams, which in the CFL is a way bigger part of the game!

Yea one of the reasons I've taken to the CFL is the NFL just doesn't do it for me any more. I root for the teams and catch a game here and there, but I prefer college ball eight days a week and NFL football has fallen from my second favorite sport to probably one of my least watched. I just started to re-watch hockey last year, looks like I'll have to postpone my hockey watching, however :x .

I always thought it'd be cool to start the USFL again, with kind of a hybrid of the Canadian game and the American game. Something to where we could have an American League-National League setup where the leagues play the same game, but have subtle differences. Then again, I think it'd be cool to start a "Canadian League" in the MLB. I think having more interaction with Canadians would increase our understanding of your culture, because most of us (myself included) have no idea how different it is.

Anyway, I'm leaning towards the Tiger-Cats still, however I might pick an expansion team and start fresh. Especially if you guys expand to Atlantic Canada. I had a brother who lived in Maine for a few years and we'd go "look at Canada" from Maine, so that could be my connection to the team.

I agree with you regarding Rod and Carm (who played for the Riders I believe). While driving back from camping or on holidays in the USA golfing, I always tune in to them on the Internet. With ESPN picking p some games that should help out in the USA and I've had to use Paolo's UK website recently. As for a TO win this week... You'll need to stock quite a few in your fridge for Monday my friend. Riders are playing tough in the last two games, better then any other team in the league and knocked off Number 1 and 2.

I cannot wait for Ottawa to come back. Toronto is too far and I don't care to learn French.

Hopefully you guys here in the US watched last night on NBC Sports Network, and there are three more games on 19 October, and 1 and 2 November too before all of the playoff games plus the Grey Cup.

Of course otherwise I will often post the online link in the game thread.

Two of the Division finals, as are on Sunday night, are on a time delay so as to not compete with Sunday Night NFL football.

Of course you can just watch online for all other games or those games, but it's not the same as on that big screen as you snack and drink.

I think next year, given no Olympics, we'll have a lot of games on through the summer when there is nothing on TV anyway as well as more Friday night games in September and in October.

Actually, almost every game this season, with a few conspicuous exceptions from Edmonton and Montréal, have been streamed in wide screen glory. So, if you have the ability to hook your tv up to your computer, or have a fancy new tv with online capability, you can enjoy EVERY GAME on the big screen.

That said, I do wish I could get NBC sports so I could watch it there and help the ratings a little so maybe they'll keep it next year and show even more games.

On another note with the playing of the NFL bills games in T.O, its has exposed that T.O does NOT have this huge NFL following either, since 10's of thousands of tickets had to be given away for each game

You might get a good chance to indulge in both next year. The Ti-Cat's are constructing a new stadium and their are a lot of questions as to where they will end of playing, however a common item that has come up is another "Touchdown Atlantic" game in Moncton next year.

Pick my ticats ,because misery loves company.

Not sure I agree with you on the breakdown of the Alouettes and the Argos. Glad to see that "feeling" superior and actually "having" a superior team on the field is your criteria.

I would take anyone of the other 7 teams including my Alouettes (who have been the dominant Eastern team for the many of the last 10 seasons) before the Argos.

Yes, you poor soul, you do need to learn about the CFL. Obviously you should be a Ti-Cats' fan.

The trek north for a game should be to Hamilton for the annual labour Day games vs the much hated Ar******s!


I have NBC sports on DirecTV here and there are NO CFL games this weekend. The next CFL game on the schedule is
October 19th - Edm at BC :frowning:
I will have to try to watch on-line again.

And NBCS has that weird all-Edmonton schedule :lol:

Yes, the ONLY CFL game next weekend is the Edmonton game :x

But thanks for the link someone posted for me, so I could watch all the games this weekend. :lol:

Hey guys, have a few quick questions about Canadian college ball. I've seen the term CIS, is that your version of the NCAA? How many teams are involved and are there multiple Divisions like the NCAA? Are the rules the same as the CFL or more hybrid style? Also how popular is university ball, and is it possible to watch any games online here in the states?