I like what this team has done to improve

they Got a QB in Jason Maas, a RB in Josh Ranek along with a KR in Corey Holmes and a punter in Pat Flemming. DB's in Alphoso Roundtree and Wayne Shaw not to mention WR's in Yeast and,Brock Ralph and DJ Flick. The Ticats could be the most improve this year.

My only fear for the Ti-Cats is now we have like 4 major role players who have never played together before. We won't dominate and finishing first isn't going to be anything I expect, but by the end of the season, we should be sitting comfortably in a playoff spot.

...What Maas needs to do at this time, don't wait too long, is to try to get the key players together in Hamilton and begin just hanging out together......the faster these guys gel the better they will play as a unit......its a proven fact that guys that like & respect each other will play better for each other.......make that diving catch that gets a first down, make that block that results in a few extra yards, etc.......Burris did this last year with Copeland and Lewis and and it seemed to begin paying dividends right away.....

Yes I agree, Hamilton will be the most improved team this year. They might be slow at the start, but once the players start reading off each other, they could be a force.

I will be looking forward to see this team play.

As will I; I think Yeast#5 put it best...it will take time for things to gel.....as it did in Calgary last year. New players, new offensive coordinator and scheme (sure Ranek knows Paopao but Maas will run the offense and he and Paopao have not worked together before), it'll take some time to get everyone on the same page...but once they do, look out.

Strong running game with Ranek and Holmes; great passing attack with Maas as the trigger man throwing to Yeast, Flick, Cavil, Ralph, and Holmes out of the backfield...and occasionally Ranek on a screen....

Good defense returning pretty much intact from last year....Goss is a stud in the secondary....just hope they find a way to give Hitchcock more playing time...and try him out at MLB for gawd's sake, he'd be a natural there.

Second place, and look out in the playoffs.

I am looking for this team to turn heads with a infusion of former Gades i am expecting alot more here.

I wouldnt expect too much...............the als and argos are light years away...........and the bombers are hosting the GC this season........

to be honest it makes sense that the Cats got a the talent they need to challege both the argos and the Cats not to mention that they have a very good unique Jeresy uniform that is really the best in the CFL.

those unique jerseys should be good for at least one win ducky…:slight_smile:

I love RedandWhite's idea of Maas getting these guys together during the off-season, and start "hangout". That's a smart idea. Get that team bonding started early. R&W, you must have been a former QB?

I love Yeast, but I think there was some issues between him and McManus last season. (but it's hard to get the inside stories on Eastern teams when you live in in the middle of Calgary and Medicine Hat). It's a fresh start in Hamilton and between Yeast, Flick and Cavil, the Tabbies potentially have 3x1000 yard receivers.

Oh I think you are correct about their being issues between Yeast and McManus; I clearly recall Yeast 'showing up' McManus in a game when a pass sailed over Yeast's head......Yeast made it clear on the field that he wasn't at fault, that he hadn't run the wrong pattern, and that the fault was a bad pass by the QB.

Now he may have been right, we'll never know, but showing up your QB like that on the field is not in Dale Carnegie's book of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

If he tries that act with Maas you'll see some fireworks I'm sure.

Really looking forward to watching the Cats this year.....it'll be cool seeing the most INTENSE quarterback in the league playing for the most INTENSE coach in the league........might be a good idea to have Joe Paopao keep some valium handy to give to Marshall and Maas with the comforting words "guys, it's just a GAME"

I'm a huge Yeast fan, so of course my tendency is to side with Yeast. And I remember the play you're talking about very well. I was never a McManus fan and believed that Danny's remains year(s) was highlighted with horribly over and under thrown balls. He could never hit a receiver.

I love your comment about Marhsall and Mass' intensity. I can see some poor player on the Ti-Cats bench think "Why do these two keep yelling at me?" :shock:

Glad I'm not the only one who remembers it. You may very well be right that it wasn't Yeast running a poor route but Danny throwing a bad pass...we'll never really know but based on percentages I'd hazard a guess that you are right on that. But it doesn't change things, Yeast was in the wrong in publicly embarassing his QB, and if tries that with Maas methinks Maas will go ballistic on him.

I agree that watching Marshall and Maas blow a gasket will be a hoot to watch this year.......and if they ever get mad at each other, wow, look out. Do you remember last year when that new guy Tad Kornegay botched up a punt return badly and ended up giving up a safety? I recall the look Marshall gave him as he came to the sideline........man if looks could kill, Kornegay would be six feet under.

Okay so now the Cats have added Terry Vaughn for a song........this team is looking better and better and better.

Ranek and Holmes give you a running game; now your receiving corps features Flick, Yeast, Morreale, Cavil, and Vaughn. Send Kamau "I can't catch" Peterson out of town and your team is really going somewhere!

WOW! I don't know what to say about the Vaughn deal. Obviously I like it, but there has to be a receiver on the way out now. There is almost a part of me that has to chuckle at what me and you have been talking about over the last two days...Yeast's attitude. I forgot to mention in my last post that you are 100% right that Yeast should have kept his mouth shut when it came to McManus. That wasn't cool, and even I was a little peeved that Yeast would talk about the team in the open. I hope this Vaughn deal doesn't mean my boys is on the way out.

I don't think Vaughn would be a threat to Yeast.....Vaughn is a slotback, Yeast a WR....after the mistake last year of trying to play Brazzell out of position, I don't think Marshall will tinker with switching Vaughn outside or Yeast inside, so your boy is safe I'd think. Yeast and Flick outside, Vaughn and Cavil in the slot, throw in Ralph as a 5th receiver every now and again (and occasionally Holmes out of the backfield, and the odd screen up the middle to Ranek)....this is going to be one powerful aerial attack.

HOLY COW...Terry Vaughn a Ticat. This is really becoming a team to be this year.

Madjack: Yeast does have something to worry about. He was a slotback lastyear. This was the Cats Receiving Corps last year.

Flick Yeast Morreale Gilliam Hill Petersen Ralph

You want to start a 200 pound guy at MLB? Are you nuts? The one complaint EVERYONE has about Auggie (which I disagree with) is that he’s not “big” enough… even Zambiasi was bigger than Hitch if memory serves.

I dont think Peterson is as bad as everyone makes him out to be, last year he really stepped up in the last few games.

I think the players that will really surprise people this year (or some people at least) are Jykine Bradley and Tay Cody… these guys are going to be gold for the black and gold. Watch out.