I like what I'm hearing!

With the recent changes the team has made I think we are headed in the right the direction! I'm optomistic :thup:

It's too bad that we don't have Jason Goss to share in this turnaround but somebody else will get the chance to step up. I wish Jason and his family well. :thup:

It's no secret that I've been quite vocal with disapointment of the performance of the offence under Mr. PaoPao's direction. I am VERY PLEASED with the response and the attitude of the players who realise that now they can be part of this change in direction and as evidense I note todays article in the spec. :wink: :thup: :thup:

Having said that, I look forward to some real good football games from here on in and support the team, including coaching staff, management and of course our caretaker! :thup: :thup:

I was optimistic after the loss in saskatchewan, and look what happened the next game lol, fact is, I'm not gonna get my hopes up until this team actually proves that they are a football team and can play with the best, just because it says in the newspaper that they are doing a lot of good things doesnt mean they are going to play good, look at our team, we look great on paper but we stink as a football team

May I remind you that these changes have yet to result in any additional W's for the team. They may in fact, win all of their remaining games but until they do, all of these changes just look good and sound good but nothing's been proven on the field.

I will say this though---they couldn't have gotten any worse. Even as an Argo fan, I hope the Cats turn things around. It'll make for a much more entertaining season.

An Argo fan

We still have a qb that gives us fans the finger. Do you like what you are seeing too ?

A firey quarterback? Sure!

It's pro football. A finger is nothing.