I like what I see in Mike Reilly but......

I like what I see in Mike Reilly but I have a huge concern. He is not going to last a season or even a game given the way he is playing. My advice to him is when he scrambles and decides to run with ball, know when to go down. I've watched him play in both exhibition games. Yes, I realize he wants to seal the number 2 QB spot on the Lions roster and he knows other teams are watching. But it appears that the only way he is going to go down is if he is tackled, runs out of bounds or is pushed out of bounds. What happened to the hook slide after he's made some yardage? He refuses to go down unless 3+ guys are trying to bring him down. Who is coaching this kind of playing for a QB?

I think it is great that he tries to get yardage and I realize he's trying to make a name for himself but one sprained finger and he's out. Other players can play with splints and casts on their fingers and arms etc. It isn't the same with a QB. He just needs to get his bell rung a couple of times and he won't be able to think straight enough to call the next play. All players are valuable but some positions can be filled more easily. Not so with the QB.

I love this guy but like I say, he has to play smarter. He's going to take enough lumps getting sacked! Thoughts guys? Agree? Disagree?

I agree. As a Lions fan I like his moxie taking on the LB's but last night's game vs the Esks was a bit ridiculous. But look at Burris who was a dancing fool in his game vs Wpg, taking unnecessary risks scrambling so much into the teeth of the defence, especially for an old geezer. What is he trying to prove? At least Reilly is trying to earn a fat new contract. :slight_smile:

I think Burris is playing for his career and his days are numbered. He wants to keep his job. He knows why he was traded by Calgary. I agree that Reilly is trying to earn a good contract, especially now that Jarious Jackson is out of the picture. Reilly has a lot of talent just like Lulay. I'm really impressed with the young guy. The key difference is that Travis has smartened up and now knows when to go down before getting his head taken off. I know Reilly is trying prove he's got what it takes. I think he already has but he is useless on the sidelines if he gets himself injured. It's fine to try and make a couple of more yards but not the way he's going about it.

It is just a matter of time before that one play finishes him for the season. I'm not suggesting he play scared but the more he can avoid being hit the more use he will be to his team. It's all about protecting the QB. His front line is trying to do it. The officials try to do it. Reilly has to do his part as well. Otherwise he's going to be taken off on a stretcher one of these games unless of course he is rarely used during the season.

If Lulay does get hurt and Reilly needs to step in he is going to have to change is approach.

From what I've seen so far, of the new or relatively new QBs trying to make it in the CFL, the two who have impressed me so far are Reilly and that Harris guy in Toronto. I think both of them have bright futures as starters in this league eventually.

I have been waiting to see more of Mike since I first saw him last preseason. I see a little bit of flutie in him, and even a little is a very good thing.

Any thoughts about my observations and concerns FootbalYouBet?

well, I think its only common sense that if he tries to play like dunigan, he may finish like dunigan. Up to the coaches to get him to know where to draw the line as to safety vs sacrifice

Didn't Lulay evoke the same conversation when we first saw him?

Maybe someone brought it up. I do recall that Travis used to play with reckless abandon and paid the price. He got his bell rung enough times that he now plays much smarter. He goes down and avoids getting slaughtered. Full credit for Reilly playing with such passion but he'll need to play smarter if he is to survive. These QBs are just not built the same as some of the other guys who are being constantly hit.