I like this guys attitude! (Chris Bickford on the CFL's "inferiority complex")

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...gee, I wonder but did we ever think of that head-to-head idea ever in this forum over the past 15 years or so? Hmmmm.....lemme think....

And if this head to head idea ever were to happen again (which it won't for a number of reasons) and the CFL gets trounced, does it still save the league?

The CFL doesn't have an inferiority complex, it's the market they operate in.

Stick to acting...lol

...I have a sure-fire way to save the league: make the CDN dollar worth more than the US dollar...then we’ll be better than them....fool-proof...


It seems highly, highly unlikely the NFL would ever accept such a challenge — getting past the logistical issues of trying to schedule it, there would seem little to gain for a league that already has so much going for it. But Bickford doesn’t get hung up on maybes and logistics.

So... with a workforce that's already been slashed by a third but still have to try to put on a season during a pandemic: Chase an objective that doesn't bring in any money, exposes your players to injury in a meaningless game, and has no hope of getting the necessary partner to agree to make it happen. Good idea, Chris.


Yup.. while I might differ on some of the specifics... respecting and boasting the game is something the CFL utterly fails at.

They fail at it by having commentators (Rod Black) who don't understand football. They fail at it by prioritizing sideline interviews with more enviable celebrities over the game itself hoping to catch social media waves.. They fail at it by trying to be some folksy Canadian version of the NFL-pop-culture spectacle.

The game the game the game the game... it's the best... focus on the game.. get footballs into the hands of youth, reduce TV timeouts, call every play like it's going to be a turning point.. don't explain Canadian rules to the audience as if they don't already know.. they better well know...and if they don't.. they should google it because this is Canadian football.. a sport with the same vintage of just about any sport on the planet... call the game like no yards and the rouge and onside kicks from scrimmage are an obvious fact of life.. no more Glenn Suitor starting colour commentary with: "Oh boy.. well.. to our viewers down south...." NOOOOO!

If the proprietors and stewards of Canadian football presented the game as venerable.. it would be venerated..


Well said Joey.

Those interrupting 'interviews' with so-called 'celebrities' while the play is going on annoy the heck out of me.

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I may be wrong, but I think I remember seeing a CFL vs. NFL flag football game on tv as a kid.

Fortune favors the bold.” James Swartz

He wants the league to promote itself with slogans like “Our guys are faster” and “Our guys are bigger”.

No to this. Comparing yourself to others is telling everyone that you're not #1.

He's right about perception, though.

On the other hand, can Toronto really fill a stadium? They didn't do it when Flutie was there. Looking at the numbers, it seems they were getting about 20,000 in 1996, but less than that in 1997. Lions may have come close to a 30,000 average, at best, during the prime Buono era.

The bigger issue is players don't stay in the offseason.

I’d agree with him on going after the 9-19 year olds through social
Media. Sadly I would guess a lot of younger cfl staff have probably been let go or laid off indefinitely. If the league pulls out of this, they need to invest in some fresh, younger thinkers. Maybe Chris could create some original content for the league.

As for an exhibition with the NFL, for reasons already stated, not likely to happen. If CFL side gets obliterated by backup NFL players, just perpetuates the thought the league and players are second rate. If CFL does well, then there will be the excuses- oh the NFL didn’t send their best, they weren’t familiar with the rules, etc. etc.


You're correct in regards to the fact that neither league (NFL) have anything to gain by having an exhibition game.

They were some exhibition games back in the 1950s with a combination of both rules (Canadian rules one half and American rules in the other half).

Only the Hamilton Tiger Cats won their game against the Buffalo Bills (AFL) in 1961.

They stopped having them since.

All the Superb Owl champions don't have the right to call themselves "World Champions" when they only play in 'Murica. It reeks of hyperbole and arrogance


Same with the World Series in baseball.

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So now this guy wants to make a CFL movie. Wish there were more people at the league office who believed in their own brand as much as this guy does. Hope he makes a go of it. And let’s hope it does more for the league than Love Guru did for the Maple Leafs!

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Could be interesting if the intent of promoting the CFL is there.

As a Hollywood production it can create a buzz the CFL needs or the message can get lost in the shuffle.

Well if it’s reasonably entertaining and moves to Netflix who the hell knows? It could be one of those things that slowly picks up steam through word of mouth. Too bad John Candy isn’t around to take the lead.

I can see it now - the hapless, unathletic brothers who never got picked for sports teams get stuck on the offensive line and eventually make it to the big league. Then years later join big league politics as mayor of TO and premier of the province.

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I sure miss John Candy.

Martin Short is also a huge Ti-Cats fan.

He usually has a Grey Cup viewing party every year at his Hollywood home.


There is writers down south who are CFL interested or throw in some Canadiana once in awhile .

You see it with the writing in sitcoms over the years etc .... 30 Rock , Simpsons , The Ranch , Seinfeld , David Lettermen , Homicide Life on the street etc etc ... . all had some CFL humour , connection etc .

I always thought some US company would do an American movie about a US QB playing in the CFL a sports drama mixed with a rom/com .

They probably had Canuck Keanu Reaves from the Replacements all lined up but never followed thru with it .

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