I like the updated guidelines

lets see how well we do.

I do hope that "light hearted" friendly sarcasm and such will be ok.

I think as well that some things are worth pointing out such as the difference between resign and re-sign as it sends a different message, specially in a title

I agree and they are long overdue FYB! You've been back awhile I know, but welcome back.

I'm moving back near where I started on the forum in February 2010 - suburban Philadelphia.

Later this year I will have some questions for you about BC, as I might be taking a trip somewhere near Surrey.

always glad to talk about BC

So you decided on a trip to BC and had all of these places to choose from, and yet you somehow landed on Surrey.

That's like someone deciding to visit Philadelphia, and choosing to stay in the Badlands.

There is some beautiful property on 16th in Surrey that faces towards White Rock and Semiahmoo Bay with some great views. Don't knock it ?

While punctuation many not always be perfect, I think most can distinguish between re-sign and resign in the context of what is being written about.
The stamps resign player x........... punctually wrong, but easily understood

I have not decided on anything mind you, but that was just one idea and there is so much to consider before making the trip including work opportunities. Of course I would love to visit Vancouver, but as for living there it would not be feasible. A whole lot is up in the air now here as I move back near Philadelphia though.

Just starting a new 9 month project in surrey. Fastest growing city in Canada. Lots of multiculturalism
great weather, very clean and neat. But all centers that do attract crime. Actual like it but will miss hot hot weather of okanagan and its great lakes. Want to be home soon.

Hadn't noticed until today, but good to know who the mods are I suppose.

Your point is well taken FYB. Keep in mind that sarcasm is risky. Most often in the past it has been a subtle backhanded way of putting down another poster or that poster's comment. We, as CFLers are not here for that reason. There are times when a little light hearted sarcasm isn't a problem but most often it is used as a put down or taken that way because of a lack of familiarity between posters. When the intent is malicious and intended to put down then it becomes an issue because it ends up escalating.

That is the reason why there is a concern about the use of sarcasm. It is over-done and more often than not used as a put down.

Re: your comment about re-sign and 'resign'.

Good point. I think if there is a concern and one is trying to be genuinely helpful then either inbox the author of the title and point out the error or the the post or let one of the moderators know.

I know of one poster who said he was going through withdrawal "systems" when I believe he meant withdrawal "symptoms". An innocent mistake. I didn't say anything because it was clear from the context what he meant to say.

Did you know/or aware that one can meet a select Mod at a given CFL football stadium?

I just want to say that I very much appreciate being notified as to why a post or topic is gone. Thanks guys.

FYB and any others in BC, to avoid going off-topic at length and violating the new guidelines, I'm thinking to start a new thread in Classifieds called, "BC Housing and Jobs."

What say you?

For example, I have an interesting and balanced article about the BC government's new Homes for BC budget plan including the new taxes that I would like post for feedback from locals not of the politics involved (the law has been passed anyway from what I read, so that's for another forum) but of the business or regional perspectives on the housing and work situation all over BC.


Your thread topic would fall under the Off-Topic category. That forum was retired about one year ago. Since the Off-Topic forum is no longer active there is no category under which you could begin your thread. Until such time that there is an Off-Topic forum, please do not create an off-topic thread under some other forum topic.

Further, the subject matter of your thread would be a violation of the no politics rule found on the Official Forum Guidelines link.

Feel free to post your suggestion for the administrator's consideration here:

New forum to-do list - please post your suggestions

Best regards,

The Moderator Team

Fair enough - for the record as noted I was trying to avoid any of the politics of it too, with the interest in housing and jobs, but I get it.

I understood where you were coming from Paolo and what you were wanting to do. It is a topic that I personally would love to have spent some time chatting about but things are what they are. There was a reason, and a good one, why the administrator chose to retire the Off-Topic forum.


The Moderator Team