I like Taffe

This was a great hire! I can just tell by his demeanor that he means serious business. That will translate into good results on the field and success in the win column. He has that pitiless militaristic type style with a touch of humour. I like his remarks to his players, especially the Americans during a muggy practise, about the heat and humidity. "So you don't think it gets warm in Canada, eh?" - Or something to the effect. Unmoved, yet funny and underscored their ignorance in a funny way. Seems like a no excuses kind of man and I think that was lacking here too long in the past.

I agree that this was a great hire. Was at practise other day, and was impressed with how everything was so well organized. And, coach Taffe was actually coaching, which was nice to see, usullay the head coach stands around, while the assistants run all the drills...he was in charge of the 5 qb's and was putting them through different drills....am really looking forward to this season...think finally going to have a winning team...that has serious attitude to it

The Practices are Very up Tempo.
When Charlie Blast the Whistle There off next part. No Walking around no BS.
I like that.

He also the same way with Players and Fans.
Now Understand Why Montreal hated to see him leave.

He has My Respect