I like Pat Woodcock!

I don't understand why the cats used him so badly this year. The first few games they were going to him quite a bit, then the started rotating him in and out and even one game he was on the sideline with his hat on.

He's a good, talented Canadian slotback.

I think the same can be said for Jojo Walker. An excellent return man and he's on the practice roster for half of the year. I know Taffe liked him cuz he played under him at Maryland.

Pat hasn't been the same since he left Montreal. In fact he underacheived in Ottawa, same in Edmonton, and things didn't change here.

Pat has a problem....he isn't very physical and often gets manhandled by DBs...

OK as a backup.....never as a go to guy

I want Pat back, too. He is a very dependable Canadian.

His 2 hamstring injury plagued seasons which
made him a non-factor in Edmonton are history.

He is a fast and very sure-handed WR.

He got very few balls thrown to him but when he got a chance

he battled defenders out on the island as a wide side WR
to make a few big late game receptions for us this year.

Pat works hard year round and goes
about his job without complaining.

I guess Richie will have to ask his doctor. :smiley:

On a serious side...Woodcock was under-used this season and I found him to be a decoy in our offence. As a defensive back covering him, you just knew they were never throwing the ball his way...ever. Too bad to, 'cuz that boy can catch a football.

And therein lies the problem. If you never throw to the guy, and the DBs know that, then he's not much of a decoy, is he?

There has been a lot of disparaging comments this year regarding Woodcock but he has played well every time he has been put into the game.

I agree. When he was in the game he produced. However I would say he's no better then a 5th or 6th WR at this point in his career.

Its going to be an uphill battle for P.cock, we now have a lot of very young, very talented and very big WRs and some will be Canadians.