I like our potential "new look" offense

What do you guys think?

Receivers: Dominguez, Anderson, Flick and Armstead with Fantuz being the fifth receiver and Hill as the return man and designated import.

O’line: Wilson, Abou-Mechrek, O’Day, Smith and Makowsky with Frenette as the long snapper and Lazeo being the backup (Chris Best given time to develop on the 46 man roster)

Running backs: Bracey and Childs with Szarka being brought in for short yardage or double tight end. (we may just go with one import here to open up another roster sport on the defence for an import)

And of course Quarterback Kerry Joseph with Crandell backing him up…(it seems as if QB Tate may be at training camp after all which excites me; he may even take Crandell’s job)

Congi as a place kicker and Boreham on kickoffs and punting as well as playing like an additional linebacker on return coverage…

I am excited about this offense…

I tip my hat to Mr. Tillman

I like this years offense too. There aren't really any holes.I would deffinately like to see Szarka used a lot more then we did last year though. Last year he just disapeared. We didn't even really use him on short yardage, which really made me mad.


Szarka, although a fan favorite with many, is over rated in my opinion…He gets cheers from the fans if he made 2 yards on a carry. The quarterback sneak is a higher percentage play on third and short than handing off to a power back.

Hes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over rated. Good for 3rd and 1, and thats about all, imo

Good for Sasktel commericals too...

you guys look to have a very good offence, one of 2 teams that have good back up QB's, loaded recievers, a couple young RB's that look like they could be stars in this league in the near future.

im concerned about the rider D however, with the loss of davis(wasnt very usefull the past two years for u though) bush and morgan. and whos your middle linebacker? seams to me your outside linebackers are great, but the middle doesnt get it done, mitchel has been great for u in the past, but who will you replace him with? hunts great though, hopefully tillman doesnt deem him expendable because he never played in ottowa!

kerry joseph was looking very solid last season untill before he got injured, if i recall correctly he was right up there with dave dick in td-int rate. great runner to, so even if the ever promising shermar bracey cant get it done u have another running back taking the snaps lol

Danny made that one commercial. lol

Danny's commercial was a lot better than that supersnob from Midale, Country and Western "artist" Brad Johner's. Oh yeah, I am supposed to stick to the topic...

I dont even give Szarka credit to be good for 3rd and 1.. He is a great guy/fan fav. but i dont think he can hack it anymore on the field. At least until he proves me otherwise.

Back on topic now, I too am a bit ansy for a first glance at the 'new look' offense. I like it when the players get excited like dominguez has. It makes me think they will be putting more heart and effort into it than if its just 'another season'.

And as for a back, I'll take that new guy we just got over Bracey. Although Bracey is good, apparently this new guy has tremendus hands, which SHOULD be utilized great with the screens, bellies, and arrows. Bracey can be in on short yardage. I like that hes as big as a D end. :slight_smile:

Our D does concern me.. We did loose some key DBs.. although i am glad N.Davis is gone.. All he did was stand and try and plug a couple gaps...

Our offence does look very promising this year. We should have excellent depth on the O-line and Receiver positions. I'm looking forward to seeing what Kent Austin can do with some of our guys. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of Armstead this year. His speed I think fits good with an Austin offence. Armstead is a bit of a Arland Bruce style receiver. I hope to see KJ develop his passing game to the next level under Austin.

Our D is a concern. The only real concern for me is our secondary. We have huge holes to fill with the loss of Omar and Davin. I thought guys like James Johnson and Rontarious Robinson looked pretty good last year. These guys are really gonna have to step it up for us. Fortunately Eddie Davis and Richie Hall are still around.

Special teams should be better with the return of Scott Gordon and a new punter and kick-off guy. Has Tillman brought in an American P/K like he said he would?

I think/hope that Ritchie Hall can turn these young guys like robinsosn and johnson into good players like bush or morgan, although it might take a year or two for them to reach it. But remember he did it with Morgan and Bush. They were really nothing,but look what Hall did.

Oh,yeah and i'm glad N.Davis is gone too. He was pretty much useless.

If there's a man in the CFL right now who can do it, his name is Richie Hall.

I dont think KK is gona get cut in Indy anymore, at least not this year, so its Bracey's job to lose (In My Opinion), unless they sign Troy Davis which I dont really want them t do.

BUT, if KK does get cut, and as long as the O Line gels nicely, the Riders should have one of the Top 2 Offences in the CFL, this upcoming year.

Why are you guys dissing Szarka?
Almost Everytime he got the ball he made something happen.
I saw him return a pooched kickoff one time where Dorsey tried to jump in front of him and steal the return. Szarka had his feet planeted ready to catch the ball and Dorsey jumped at him Szarka didnt even budge and Dorsey bounced off him and Szarka ran straight got a good twenty yards with guys bouncing of him.

This other game Riders were losing to Calgary i think.
In the late in the game there was a drive wherre Szarka was getting serious yardds everytime he touched the ball. Then they give it to skinny keith in the redzone who got stuffed stuffed stuffed.

Szarka could have been a legend, But for some reason he didnt get the ball enough.

I hope Sarka proves all you Haters wrong.
Have a great day!

Dude is a crybaby, imo and thats why I have no use for him.

Szarka has shown potential to be great, but it wont happen no more cuz hes starting to get old.

Anyhoo, i too am very excited for the season to start already!!! I want to see this new offense that we have. I am even thinking about attending a pre-season game just so that i can see how the backups make out in a real game atmosphere, in particular, Drew Tate. As i have said before, this guy really impressed me, and when i read in the Leader Post on Friday that he was in our Camp, i was sooo excited. Many people thought we shouldnt have waisted a 3rd round pick on him, but im telling you, this guy can play. You heard it hear first, this guy is going to be a star in this league at some point in his career.