I like our chances!

I'm going out on a limb and predicting a win this weekend. Who's with me!

I'm with ya, but I don't like our chances Thursday.

I'm going out on a limb and predicting a win this weekend. Who's with me!
Doctor... Doctor.... :)

Looks like a very short line forming behind Garney26. I'd say the Cats have about as much chance of winning in BC as the Leafs have of winning the Cup next season.

An Arg0-Cat fan

That wasnt funny Barn. :roll:

Remember, you heard it here first!

I see the upcoming games through rose coloured glasses. I ALWAYS think that they can win the game. But more often than not I am wrong.


Tomorrow at 10pm I'll be glued to the TV and cheering until the last whistle.

No Barney's was funny although winning a single football game no matter the odds would seem more likely than predicting ANY team winning the Stanley Cup in a particular season

I'd love to see the 'Cats win Thursday night as well, but I'm not holding my breath... I even had to agree with the shudder Argo fan at work that the Tabbies are going 0-4 this week.

This will be a great week to look at the defense, and try to see who works better where, especially with players not necessarily at their "natural" positions.

They will surprise tonight and they will be
4-4 by Labour Day.

4 of 5 on the road and going 4wins 1 loss. Not even a championship team in the CFL can EXPECT that

I like Garney26's attitude. Things are going to keep progressing from week to week. I predict an above .500 second half of season. Add to this a couple of surprise wins in the first half and things will be very interesting. I'm not counting Hamilton out of tonight's game by any means.

I predict that we're going to go 15-3 for the season. Unless we lose today... then my prediction is 14-4. But if they lose a game after that my prediction changes to 13-5...

Repeat pattern until the end of the season! :smiley:


I to love our Chances to get Blowen out.
Unless Buck dose not play for BC.
We are Cooked..

I don't.

While I don't expect them to win against BC, I fully expect them to be better than the last game they played. As long as there's improvement from one week to the next, the losses are easier to take because eventually, those losses will become wins.

An Argo-Cat fan