I like our chances after today

I think we're sitting pretty good after today. Why...because the O was on fire with Glenn in at qb, the O-line came to play and the receivers were getting off the line. We were playing with a lot of confidence on offense. The front seven looked alot better and will get better next game. The secondary will have to step it up and me thinks they will. Yah, we got beat, but we played a great game and we left a lot of points on the field. We got Toronto and Sask. while the Bombers have the Als back to back. It's going to come down to that final game in the Peg and I like our chances. :cowboy:

Yes. if we play anything close to how we played today we should win our last 3 games and host a playoff game.

More importantly, it shows we can win that game AND go into Montreal and have a real shot at beating them.

With Winnipeg losing (thanks BC), and them facing Montreal twice in the final three games, I like our chances too! :thup:

In a huge game that would put them in 2nd place, and at home, Bishop went:

13 for 32, 40%, 226 yards 1TD 3ints

We'll be ok.

There are alot of unseen positives to this weekend as well.

  1. With us scoring as well as we did against the Al’s, defensive corrections will probably be HIGHLY emphasized during practice, meaning a tougher Al’s D against a weakening Bomber O.

  2. The Al’s are on a high after winning going into the Bomber home and home.

  3. The Bombers are probably getting that nagging feeling of “oh my god. Were the last 3 wins flukes? We have to face a REAL opponent now, what chance do we have?”

  4. Bomber’s momentum train stopped dead in it’s tracks with a very sloppy performance and loss heading into two extremely tough games.

  5. The Ticat’s are feeling the goodness of a moral victory, take away those stupid camera’s and you probably won’t hear the same old “oh, moral victories don’t count, we didn’t get the W and that’s all that matter’s.” and you’ll probably get "hell yeah baby! our O carved up the Al’s D allllllllllllll night long hoo-rah! Toronto better be ready for us to open a can of whoop a$$ on them!!! :rockin: "

Ti-cats have a short, playing on Friday.

The offense today was just awesome. That Ti-Cat team out there today did not at all resemble the team that has played the last three games. Montreal has the best D in the league and we chewed them up pretty good. We also shut down their running game pretty good, which was incouraging as the first two games against the Als they ran over us at will. Hopefully we're getting hot at the right time. :cowboy:

Well I certainly feel a lot better after that offensive performance. I knew they had it in them it just had to be released. That said, I do not want it to come down to that final game against the Bombers. I am not THAT confident in our defence to shut down Bishop. When he is hot he is scary.
I believe Winnipeg will beat Montreal in the Peg. That means we will have to win both games - Toronto and Saskatchewan - to make the final game moot. I think with Glenn in there, it's a real possibility. But we need to play to our strengths and let Glenn do his thing.

I'm not sure about Winnipeg's chances.....The Als are bound to be slightly embarrassed by how close this game was....Hopefully we see them come out very tightly focused against the 'peg....

i don't think you can underestimate Bishop and the Bombers. They are not the team that started the year. I have a feeling Montreal will not be playing Calvillo in both games, especially after the impressive performance by their backup today. I'll give 'Peg one game, although it would be nice if Montreal swept them.

Peg will be tuff to beat at home, however I am surprised by the 3 interceptions they threw today. Personally I don't think BC is all that, and quit beatable the Peg let one slip away.
Go Al's!. 8)

Dr. Mo...I think it'll come down to that last game in the Peg. After the game against the Peg here last week I didn't like our chances but now after the way Glenn played yesterday we were a different team with a new attitude. I think we go to the Peg on fire and kick their butts. :cowboy:

You're surprised by interceptions thrown by Michael Bishop?????