I Like Beans

I have to admit that coming into this game I was a bit skeptical of him but he really did impress me in his debut. Got beat a couple teams but was solid and almost had 2 INTS. Anyone else like him?

Considering he went up against Tucker most of the night, yeah he did really well.



he should stay on the team

you should post more in a row

...Mr. Bean.proved he belongs....i really like this guy...covering those Edm. receivers is not an easy task....he should have had two picks...the one near the goal-line was close....he'll get better...you gotta love it..

I loved the way Beans played last night but is there room for him in the secondary when Evans is healthy?

When we have a healthy secondary it looks like this.

CB Stanford Samuels
HB Anthony Malbrough
S Ron Ockimey/Kyries Hebert
HB Kelly Malveaux
CB Omar Evans

The only spot I could see him taking over is for Samuels but he has played well and deserves to be starting in my opinion because he is one of the guys that is always giving it his all on every play.

he did an outstanding job last night for a guy thrown into the fray and drawing Tucker and Hervey for your first game, I would say he passed the test and once again shows that we actually have some depth on this team......how long has it been since we said that.

another pick for Mr Bean last night, this guy is a ball hawk, good to see Omar back as well, a pick for him too.

I’m just glad to see all the depth this year. Keep them all.

...Mr. Bean is quite an athlete...he looks good in our secondary...and will only get better...another nice addition.. :thup:

He's a keeper. Hope that we can keep them all happy. What a difference a year makes. Remember last year when a QB would rear up for a long pass? What a nightmare that was. Ah! Times are good so far.

Mr Taman is doing a GREAT job this year with all the key signings and mr Robert Bean is one of those key signings....

Talking of Taman, have you guys noticed the Taman bashing posts seemed to have disappeared? Guess solving the Hebert issue finally did them in.

im really starting to like this guy..he will not be handed the starting spot just because he got 2 picks...samuels does have 1 (against montreal)samuels will keep starting in that spot, because he has been solid all year, and has done nothing to lose his job

berry did say however, the competition to start at corner between evans/samuels/bean should be a good one

man is our depth good this year or what!?