I learned two things tonight...

  1. This Bomber team has no quit in it. Two weeks in a row with about 500 yards of offence against what are supposed to be good defences this year. Keep that up and we'll certainly make the playoffs...

  2. The Argos are WAYYYYYY better than the Ti-cats...

Your first point is bang on, the second I'm not sure about. How ya doing ,Kubie?

I'm good Dan...a little disappointed, but good...

All I can say is I've seen 2 teams play the Bombers in person this year...and well...Argos we the best I've seen... :wink:

I'm disappointed too, but I still think the Cats will be a better team in the long run. Just my opinion.

We'll see, I suppose...oh well...

Don't be such a stranger around here Dan!

  1. Serna is a mental case, when there is any pressure on him he chokes, and can't make any kicks past 40 yards.

  2. our defence really needs to pick it up, i know we have potential, but we need to make a freaking tackle!!!!

Don't take anything away from the Argos...they did everything right to negate our pass rush...

And what were the odds that the ball would bounce into Piles hands on the short kick at the end !!!

Talk about everything going the Argos way tonight, Pile wasn't even supposed to play and makes a huge play at the end.

Karma's a be otch.

im not even that disapointed after this game, things just didn't go our way, and we made a huge comeback from a big deficet at the beginning of the game, this team has heart and resiliency :thup:

And maybe the anger management classes worked for Belli. No stupid penalties by him.

The Argos played really well. Their o-line was a lot better against us than they were against Calgary.

We do need to work on the missed FG coverage but other than that I don’t think our ST is so bad that we need to panic. A 45 yarder is not a gimme and from watching it on TV I thought it was good but I wasn’t under the goal posts like the official so I guess it wasn’t. Our punt coverage team was good. It will take time for the punt return team to get in sync on returns. On the missed FG return the coaches will watch the film to see who wasn’t covering their lanes and then they’ll work on it.

That's exactly my feeling...if we continue to perform like this on offence, we'll be just fine. NOT worried.

BUT.... the one thing i am very concerned about , is how our defence going to do without the home crowd noise? Even with us going CRAZY, we still allowed them to convert first downs and it didn't seem to affect the argos at all, maybe its just me, but i really expected our defence to SHUT DOWN the Argos offence, while we didn't do that, they still didnt have many yards, but all of those yards seemed to come at the wrong time.

Another theory i have is that the Bombers were already planning their grey cup parade, and it took them the whole first quarter to wake up. The offence obviously picked it up but our defence just couldn't make the adjustments needed to shut down Lemon, because as someone here said, that lemon was going to roll out, and we just had no answer for that.

It seems as though the Bombers always lose to teams that have running quarterbacks, and can stretch plays with their legs and can roll out of the pocket, because none of our defenders ever know how to defend that type of thing.

With running quarterbacks it seems that they can just double brown, and if they see him breaking through, the quarterbacks just roll out, and our line never can catch them.


This could just be all pointless ranting, and i may just have to sleep on it and re evaluate in the morning.... :expressionless:

This team was not Hamilton. They will have to fix Serna's head because he has developed the 40 yeard syndrome. We could not contain Lemon. We need changes on the special team. They are all getting lots of yeards on returns while we got little. In the end I still enjoyed watching the game. The operative word here is game that's all it is.

after sleeping on the loss, i have come to the conclusion, that we lost the feild position battle. Their special teams started them at the 50 every time, while we got it at the 20. If we don't do something about this special teams we will lose alot more games like this.

We need to do something on defence, it was probably Browns fault, they would just run up the middle and push our whole line 5 yards then he would lean forward and pick up an extra 2.

The injury to Dorian Smith in the first quarter hurt us up the middle. Donnie O is a good young player but with the injury to Smith there was no rotation in the middle of the line that I can recall.

maybe its just a coincidance, but it seemed to me that the argos were running up the middle more in the first quarter when Dorian Smith was in than when he got injured.

I think that the injury to Logan really hurt us though.