I know were tired of Lossing BUT......

We already beat the hated double Blue twice this year. We lost by a couple of inches on a 3rd down gamble. The Score was only 34-31 in a hard fought close game. Yes there are things in this game that p'ed me off and of course we had opportunities to win this game or atleast Tie. They didnt happen but i would say i got my moneys worth out of my ticket. Personally I would Take a close game loss like that any day over the blow out we suffered against Montreal. Look over the past few years and how bad did the Argo’s beat us at Labour Day our team is atleast competitive, a few LITTLE tweaks and we will be right in the thick of things. Anyways this is my thoughts on the matter.

Well and refreshingly said.

Yes, I agree it was a good game. Very entertaining. We are so close to having a very good team. I will go as far as say that we should keep Taaffe as head coach. One reason is that this TiCat team is a very young team and it takes time to put together a winning program. A lot of people on here tend to say fire this guy and fire that guy. But I have seen improvement from the previous years.

Furthermore, what would firing a coach accomplish? Oh bring in this guy or that guy to coach. Well that will inevitably lead to that new coach bringing in his own system and coaching staff and thus we are starting from square 1 again. Be patient people, things will turn around and they are on the right track.

If the upper management does fire Taaffe, then I will say that I will not re-new my seasons tickets to watch another season of football that we have witnessed in the past few years.

Just my 2 cents


I'm with you Brox. All the predictable, reflexive "fire the bums" stuff going on in here is starting to bring out the contrarian in me.

I think Charlie made the right calls on those gambles, and as I think about it (see CaptainKirk's comments in another thread), even the illegal challenge was a smart move. He knows the game, he has the players fighting hard, and yes we are making progress with a young team that is going to continue to improve. Count me in the Charlie Taaffe fan club with you.

Me too.

Although I am not a HUGE fan of Charlie I am MOST DEFINITELY in the camp which says KEEP HIM, and his STAFF for the DURATION of the Season. Give him the OPPORTUNITY to do as much as he can with THIS squad and
then EVALUATE at season's END.

Let Charlie and Co. continue to SEASON these guys and let them FIND their IDENTITY together ... let this cake BAKE entirely and let the ICING cool before we pass FINAL JUDGEMENT. There is very little to gain by taking the cake out of the oven, trying to replace a couple of ingredients then throwing it into the microwave ...

As I have stated MANY times previously - this ORGANIZATION should NOT be LUMPED into the same pile as the previous 3 or 4 incarnations ... they have FINALLY got the pieces in place for a STABLE, CONSISTENT, and, yes, SUCCESSFUL outfit ... now is NOT the time to ABANDON ship or PANIC.

It bears REPEATING, REITERATING, and saying AGAIN - this team is YOUNG !!

Let them EXPERIENCE their growing pains in the PROCESS of learning and improving.

In another thread people were saying Timmy Chang (yeesh) was not given a FAIR OPPORTUNITY to show himself ... well, I'm not certain the FAN BASE is giving this ENTIRE ORGANIZATION a FAIR chance to SHOW themselves.

Despite the RECORD, and the EXCRUTIATING Labour Day LOSS ... this team IS COMPETITIVE and showing MANY POSITIVE signs of being headed in the RIGHT direction. Before this season, I couldn't tell you the last time I stayed for the ENTIRE FOUR QUARTERS of a home game ... This season I have stayed the ENTIRE game 3 TIMES !! A TRUE testament to the COMPETITIVENESS of this team, I'd say !!

Although their STOCK may be LOW, if I were an INVESTOR in the TiCats I would REALIZE that this is NOT the time to SELL ... cuz' it's ONLY going to RISE from this point forward !

Patience is called a VIRTUE for a reason !


Meanstreak does have a way with words.Well said and logically presented.Sometimes it takes a couple of days after a tough loss to see the silver lining and indeed,patience is a virtue.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Well said. I believe that the Cats are about 8-10 plays away from being 5-4.

Let's see how the Taaffe fan club holds
up after the lost this saturday!
I don't care i'm still pissed about the
third and 3" play. I was one of the
20 thousand who booed after that play.

It wasn't a bad game. It was close. It came down to a third down gamble and a few inches. All positives, I agree. But moral victories just don't cut it anymore. The difference between a winning record and the current record are those one or two plays in most of our losses. The Saskatchewan game. The Edmonton game. The Labour day game. To be a good team you have to make those plays more often than not. The record could show at least 5 wins. If we were able to win those, I would say the team turned the corner this year. But they haven't. I think they will turn the corner soon, but probably not till next season. There's alot of good on the team, but not enough to add up to a winning record.